Garage Makeover with DIY shelves and chalkboard cabinets

Chalkboard Paint to organize the garage cabinets

This garage makeover includes loads of DIY shelves and chalkboard paint on the cabinet doors to amp up organization and style. In our house, I handle most of the indoor DIY; drywall, painting, trim work, flooring, installing tile, furniture remodeling, whatever, I’m your girl. Phil likes to spend most of his time on all the yard and fence … Read more

DIY Bat Box and why you should hug a bat today

DIY Bat Box

Did you know bats are great pollinators, eat mosquito’s, and are safe to have around? OK, OK. You can’t really hug a bat today, but you can build them a warm and cuddly home. And that’s nice too. Why would you want to build them a house?? Because bats are cool. At least that’s what … Read more

DIY Reversible Thanksgiving & Christmas Signs

DIY Reversible Holiday Signs - Christmas & Thanksgiving

These DIY Reversible Holiday Signs dress up your front porch and make storage easy. Every year I see so many great Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations that I really want to buy or make…until my practical side kicks in. My practical side always wants to know where on Earth I plan to store these things. We don’t have basements … Read more

Easy DIY Towel or Coat Rack

DIY Towel or Coat Rack

Want an excuse to use those cute knobs and hooks from World Market and Hobby Lobby? This DIY project was definitely a quick win. I had recently replaced the wood counter tops I made for a laundry room makeover a couple years ago. They worked great, but we were putting quartz in the kitchen, so we … Read more

Kids birdhouse art

Kids craft painted birdhouse

Everyone knows little kids love arts and crafts: painting, crafting, building, coloring, drawing…basically art is their jam. Especially if it’s messy, right?! And moms love that those arts and crafts projects can lead to 2 things: 1) kids learning new things and 2) 20 minutes of peace for moms to do important things like drinking … Read more