Simple Christmas Card Ornaments for Kids To Make

Kids craft - homemade ornaments from Christmas cards

Upcycle those old Christmas Cards into these cute and simple Christmas Card ornaments. Simple and fun for kids to make and give as gifts to friends and family. Seems like it’s Christmas in Texas again. The radio stations are playing Bing Crosby and the stores are stocked full of Christmas decorations. Time to start crafting. … Read more

Easy DIY Towel or Coat Rack

DIY Towel or Coat Rack

Want an excuse to use those cute knobs and hooks from World Market and Hobby Lobby? This DIY project was definitely a quick win. I had recently replaced the wood counter tops I made for a laundry room makeover a couple years ago. They worked great, but we were putting quartz in the kitchen, so we … Read more

Easy DIY Kids Birdhouse Art for Toddlers

Kids craft painted birdhouse

Everyone knows little kids love arts and crafts: painting, crafting, building, coloring, drawing…basically art is their jam. Especially if it’s messy, right?! And moms love that those arts and crafts projects can lead to 2 things: 1) kids learning new things and 2) 20 minutes of peace for moms to do important things like drinking … Read more