DIY Display Board – Show off Family Memories

This DIY Display Board is your family 'Hall of Fame'. Keeps your kids artwork, race medals, certificates of achievement, vacation mementos, photos, and special family memories in one place. You could even add a shelf to display trophies!

I have a DIY Display Board and free printable you’ll love! Everyone in the family has something to be proud of; an award, artwork, school work, certificate of achievement, photos of memorable times, race medals, special trips or experiences, etc, etc, etc. Why not make your own ‘Hall of Fame’ board? Like any proud parent, I … Read more

DIY Planets of Star Wars Subway Sign

DIY Planets Star Wars Sign - Free Printable and steps to make your own. Show your geeky-side without sacrificing style

Try this easy DIY for a Farmhouse twist on a Star Wars Sign. You can show your love for Star Wars without sacrificing style. So, I confess. I’m a total fangirl. Have been since I was a kid that loved Sci-fi. Don’t make me decide between Star Wars and Star Trek, there’s room in my … Read more

DIY Reversible Sign Decor for all Seasons

Craft wood found at Lowes.

This DIY reversible sign makes it easier to freshen your home decor. I don’t want to pack everything away as I change things around, but I do want to keep the decor fresh and seasonal. Having a reversible sign with a light and dark side is the key to this DIY. I picked a neutral … Read more

A $50 White Kids Play Kitchen DIY with Farmhouse Style

DIY Kids Play Kitchen Diner and Menu

A month ago, I had no plans of building a kitchen for my boys. I had lots of other plans. Endless lists that had their own baby lists of plans. But this white kids play kitchen DIY with Farmhouse Style wasn’t on those lists. Christmas changed all that. It’s hard to figure out what to buy … Read more