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Benefits of a Blogger Linkup and my Link Party List

Hello, Bloggers. Here are my top benefits to a blogger linkup and my link party list to get you started. Can’t wait to see what you share!

Want to know the top benefits to a blogger linkup? Link parties help blogs in some key ways when it comes to your SEO ranking and Pinterest traffic? Here are my top reasons for linking and my link party list. Feel free to pin this. I keep it updated regularly.

How Link Parties Help your Blog
  1. Link parties are a great way to share all of those creative posts you work hard on with other bloggers and their blog visitors. The links you add to the parties can increase traffic to your site.
  2. Some party hosts pin the links to their Pinterest boards, another traffic booster.
  3. Quality comments on your posts also boost your sites SEO. (Shout Me Loud article on how this works)
  4. If your post is featured on another site, their link (aka backlink or inbound link) to your site increases your blogs traffic and ranking with search engines, like Google. The more links other sites have to your site, the more weight your site has with search engines. I like to thank party hosts by linking back to their site here. Guest posting on other blogs is another good way to get those backlinks.
  5. You also get so much inspiration by seeing what other bloggers have been working on. So share the love with your blogging community and check out what they’re up to. Don’t forget to leave nice comments on the posts you love!
  6. Bonus: You’ll also be building a community with other bloggers. You’ll start recognizing their work and they’ll recognize yours. You get to know each other through posts and comments. You’ll want to share their work and they’ll share yours. The blogging community is full of supportive and helpful people.
Daily Link Party List

We’re all busy, so I only selected blogger linkup parties that have weekly features (your site gets a backlink) and/or share your posts to Pinterest and/or comment on your posts (another SEO rank booster). If you are just posting your link and the hosts never look at it, comment, or share then that blogger linkup is probably not benefiting your blog.

Make sure to read and follow the rules of each link party before submitting your link. Some link parties only accept specific types of content. And all of the hosts appreciate follows on their social media accounts.

Links updated and verified Aug 2020








I hope you found this link party list helpful. If you think I should add a link party to this site or have any questions about how link parties help, please let me know.