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Quick & Easy Home Improvements you should see!

Try these quick and easy home improvements, that anyone can DIY. They’ll make your house more livable and beautiful on a budget!

Quick and Easy Home Improvements, you’ll love!

Are you ready for some quick wins around your house? I know I am after spending 3 long weeks tiling my new master bathroom.

Some of my blogger friends shared their latest home improvements, this month, and I loved all of them.

So, I just had to share some of the quick and easy home improvements with you all. I hope you love them as much as I do!

If you're looking for some quick wins around the house this weekend, then I've got them. Here are some of my favorite quick and easy home improvements. #AbbottsAtHome #HomeImprovement #DIY #HomeImprovements #EasyDIY
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By Brittany Goldwyn has all the steps to help you re-caulk those stairs. Pretty stairs really make a home so much nicer, right?!

how to re-caulk cracked stair stringer seams

Here’s a great project that saves you time all summer long. Stop weeds from popping up on those garden paths with 3 easy steps.

Guys, it's pretty easy to get a weed free gravel path. In 3 easy DIY steps, you can block those weeds for years with just a little labor and 2 things from your local landscape supplier. #AbbottsAtHome #Weeds #NoWeeds #PeaGravel #Landscaping

Fill that “crumb and spill catching” gap under your kitchen cabinets with this quick and easy home improvement fix.

Caulking that small gap between the cabinets and the floor is an easy way to make your kitchen look nicer. And it stops all of those crumbs and spills from hiding under those cabinets. YASSS! #AbbottsAtHome #Kitchen #KitchenCabinets #StarmarkCabinets #InsetCabinets # DIYIdeas

This hole-free DIY Baby Gate Hack for Stairs is one of my favorite easy home improvements and it kept my kids safe and off the stairs for almost 5 years. 🙂

Here's a cheap and easy DIY that I have loved for 4 years. It's my DIY Baby Gate Hack for Stairs. And, this thing is sturdy. My boys have both stood at that gate and shook it back and forth. And it did not budge at all. Yaasss! Here's my tutorial for how to make this baby gate work for stairways and banisters. Works with wide openings too. #AbbottsAtHome #Stairways #BabyGate #Babyproof #BabySafety #HomeDIY #HomeSafety
This is the gate that kept my kids off the stairs for 4 years and didn’t budge once.

Who else breaks those plastic valance clips on their blinds all the time??? I whipped up this quick fix for broken valance clips in about 20 minutes.

Here's a Quick and Easy DIY Fix for Broken or Lost Valance Clips, you can do in 5 minutes! Repair those wood or vinyl blinds valance clips with my favorite DIY hack product. #DIYHack #DIYProject #HomeImprovement #Blinds #AbbottsAtHome

Southern Revival shared this clever, clever IKEA hack DIY Closet. You can definitely have an awesome closet like this in less than a day!

This might be the quickest home improvement on the list, replace those front porch light bulbs with flame effect LED’s. I love the way they look on my house. 🙂

We love this beautiful Allen + Roth Rubbed Bronze and Seeded Glass Front Porch Light. It's completely transformed our porch. Instant curb appeal, guys! #AbbottsAtHome #CurbAppealIdeas #Lighting #PorchIdeas

Here’s another porch project that’ll take less than a day. Refresh that dried and cracked front door, the easy way.

Quick & easy DIY for how to restain a door without stripping off the old wood finish. Just give the door a quick cleaning and light sanding. You can leave the old finish in place. This front door makeover works over old stain! #stain #frontdoor

Kenya Rae shared how easy it is to get a pretty look and privacy with DIY Frosted Window Film. I use these too and love them!

squeegee the bubbles out of the frosted film

This over the toilet DIY shelf couldn’t be easier. And, it’s a quick way to add some style to a boring powder room.

You'll love these Small Colorful Modern Farmhouse Powder Room Ideas! Most of these updates were DIY projects you can do at home. This was my first time hanging wallpaper and I was able to get it done in 1 day! #Wallpaper #AbbottsAtHome #PowderRoom #BathroomIdeas #ModernFarmhouse

Guidelights in the hallway are such a great invention, guys. But, you used to have to wire them in. Not anymore!

You can just replace the outlet covers in your hallway, bathroom, and kitchen…to get the perfect amount of light at night. I even use one as my kids bedroom nightlight.

Simply unscrew your outlet cover and replace with this cover. No wiring, at all. This SnapPower Guidelight makes a great nightlight in the kids room or as a guidelight for hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms at night. I love this easy home upgrade!

The Frugal Homemaker can tell you how to add tons of character to your kitchen island with DIY shiplap.

How to shiplap a kitchen penisula or kitchen island-18

If you have crumbly grout all along your counter tops, you can use this quick and easy Kitchen Caulk Tutorial to replace that grout with the caulk that should be there.

Replace your old crumbly grout or dingy caulk with this easy DIY. Here's How to Caulk A Kitchen Counter with the quick steps and video to help you do it! #AbbottsAtHome #Caulk #HomeMaintenance #DIYProject #Caulking #Kitchen

If you’ve ever accidentally put a hot pizza on a wood table, you’ll love one of the first quick and easy home improvements I shared here. This quick fix for heat stains with the video of me showing you how.

DIY Steps and Video for how to quickly and easily remove those white heat marks on wood. how to remove heat stains from wood table. #HeatStains #HeatMarks

I love DIY Beautify’s idea for just updating a small wall with shiplap. It adds so much style and character to a smaller area, right?!

weekend shiplap wall

More DIY Projects for you!

Looking for another Easy Home Maintenance Project? You can Restore your Grout to Like New and this product seals grout too. Yay! Watch the quick video to see how easy it is, then click here to see the Grout Whitening Tutorial.

How to Whiten Grout with a quick and easy DIY Grout Renew.

If you love DIY Home Improvement as much as I do, I have this post full of 20+ Home DIY Tips and Tricks I recommend for EVERYONE. And, this video has a quick tour of 10 more DIY Tips and Tricks from my home.

20+ Home DIY Tips and Tricks that I use and on my home. These are the DIY projects that I recommend for saving you money, making your life easier, and/or making your home look modern and beautiful. DIY Home Improvement ideas and projects.

Looking for  a bigger home improvement project? Check out my DIY Tongue and Groove Porch Ceiling Makeover.

Modern Farmhouse DIY Pine Tongue and Groove Ceiling Tutorial that will turn your porch into that beautiful, charming spot you've always wanted. For most porches, you can have these wood planks installed in a weekend, guys! #AbbottsAtHome #PlankCeiling #PorchCeiling #TongueAndGroove

Here’s How to Clean Car Seats at Home, the Easy Way. It’s always one of my most popular posts.

Before and After using a Bissell Portable Cleaner on Cloth Car Seats.

And, everyone should know about this DIY trick for How to Remove Water Stain from Ceiling Without Paint.

Quick and easy written steps and video for How to Fix Water Stains on Ceiling Leaks without paint. In just a few minutes, get rid of most water stains.

Thanks for checking out these quick and easy home improvements. Please let me know if you have questions. Don’t forget to sign up for the Abbotts At Home email newsletter to get DIY, Remodeling, and Crafty ideas in your inbox.

Kristi Dominguez

Monday 13th of May 2019

These are all excellent tips, Stephanie! I have already added to my list of home improvement ideas, lol! Thanks for linking up with us on Inspiration Monday this week and sharing your great ideas!


Monday 13th of May 2019

Thanks so much, Kristi!


Saturday 11th of May 2019

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing these...Now I need to get busy haha


Saturday 11th of May 2019

LOL, thanks. :)

Kenya Rae

Sunday 28th of April 2019

I plan on doing at least a couple of these! Thanks for including my door update!


Sunday 5th of May 2019

You're so welcome, Kenya. Nice job!

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