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24 Ways to Repurpose

an Unused Dining Room

If you have an unused Dining Room, here are 24 great ways to repurpose a Dining Room into a useful space! Including some very low cost options that anyone can do!

Extend Your Kitchen

Expanding your kitchen into an unused Dining Room can greatly improve your kitchen workflow, cabinet storage, and countertop space.


Home Office Space

With so many people working from home these days, turning your Dining Room into a home office is a popular idea. Some couples that both work from home might even need a 2nd Home Office.


laundry room

If your home is old enough, your Laundry might be in a garage, basement, or small closet. Turn that unused Dining Room into a first floor Laundry Room with tons of storage.


Family Room

Give your family an extra space for gaming, TV time, reading, and just hanging out by converting an unused Dining Room into a Family Room.


Play Room for Kids

Add a soft rug and a low table for train sets, puzzles, or arts and crafts. Or put in a little slide, ball pit, and play tent to design your kids’ best play space. Click below to see 19 MORE!