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To Get A Heat Stain Out Of Wood

I put 4 big white heat marks on a table to test the 7 SUPER EASY ways to get a heat stain out of wood. Surprisingly 3 WORKED, 4 FAILED! Here's a look at all 7 tests, with tips to help you get rid of heat stains on wood.

method 1: A Hair Dryer

Sometimes a blow dryer can remove heat stains. Before trying, be sure to follow the safety tips to check the finish on the table and avoid overheating the area.

method 2: Using an iron

Strangely, a hot iron can be great for removing heat stains too. But, again, it is very important to follow the safety tips to avoid causing more damage. You can find all of these tips in the link below!

method 3: steam iron

When a hot iron doesn't work, using the steam setting might. However, don't try this on tables with a "soft top coat".

method 4: baking soda

While some people say they can remove heat stains with Baking Soda, I couldn't get this hack to work on my finish, but it's a simple trick if you have the right table for it!

method 5: toothpaste and baking soda

Adding toothpaste to the baking soda paste worked much better. Getting the mix and time right seems to be the key with this one.