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20 Beautiful

Budget-Friendly Area Rugs On Amazon

Did you know you can find low cost, beautiful, & durable rugs online? I've been buying all of my Area Rugs from Amazon, for years! Here’s my picks for the Best Area Rugs on a Budget for your floor!

SO MANy Popular Brands

I LOVE that I can find beautiful rugs from popular brands, like Safavieh and Loloi II, on Amazon. And, most of them ship to my home in 2 days or less.



I used to buy all of my area rugs from stores like World Market and Target. BUT, they almost never stocked the extra large rugs I like to use in my home. Luckily, you can find any size rug on Amazon.


Suprising prices

It's kind of crazy how many great, extra large rugs I've found on Amazon for $150 or less. And, almost every rug on my list of 20 faves is that cheap.


ANY Style you want!

You might be able to tell by these pictures from my house that I LOVE a traditional-style rug. BUT, they have rugs in every style. to fit any home.


Use them anywhere

I use these rugs in my kitchen, bathrooms,, laundry, foyer, living room, and even on my stairs.  Click the link below to see all 20.