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20 Best Area Rugs On A Budget For Your Floor – From Amazon

Did you know you can find beautiful & cheap area rugs online? Here’s my picks for the Best Area Rugs on Amazon that are super affordable!

Best Area Rugs On A Budget

I love area rugs! They’re a great way to add color to a room. Just switching your rugs out can completely change the look and feel of a room.

I tend to pick solid color or neutral furniture and walls, then pick a rug with bold color and pattern in a room. Like the new rug I just bought for that family game room I’ve been remodeling lately.

6 examples of the best rugs on Amazon. Beautiful, affordable, cheap area rugs. Best Amazon rugs.
Don’t Forget to Save this List of the Best Rugs On Amazon!

I purposely like to find budget-friendly rugs for my floor so that I can switch them out every few years. I stick to rugs that cost less than $300. Even the big 8×10 or 9×12 rugs I buy have to be under $300.

I found so many really beautiful rugs for my floor on Amazon, that I decided I had to share them in this big list of the best area rugs on Amazon!

This rug is definitely on my list of the best Amazon rugs on a budget. It’s SO pretty.

I just bought this beautiful rug from Amazon for the Family Game Room I’ve been remodeling for the last few months.

You can find out why I think those beautiful extra large tiles are harder to install in a previous post. That’s our 6 month old cat in the picture. She seems to have a talent for jumping into my pictures. 🙂

Best Area Rugs on Amazon

Best Area Rugs on A Budget

Where Can You Buy Cheap Area Rugs

There are 6 main places I go to when I want to buy a beautiful and cheap area rug. Here’s my list of go to stores for floor rugs.

  1. Target sells beautiful rugs. The selection isn’t huge, but it’s always great. If you see a rug at Target that you love but the size isn’t right, check their website. Sometimes larger sizes are available on the Target website.
  2. World Market also sells low-budget beautiful rugs. Many of their rugs are Jute or Natural Fiber though. So, do your research and be sure you know how to care for a natural fiber rug before you buy.
  3. Lowe’s, believe it or not, has had some great area rugs lately. Some of them can be expensive, but most are pretty cheap. And, Lowe’s has a pretty good selection of sizes, colors, and styles.
  4. At Home has a big selection of area rugs. But, I guess they have a big selection of every home good. Some of the rugs look cheap. But you can find beautiful and cheap rugs, if you hunt around.
  5. Home Goods is another store that can have great deals on huge area rugs. The selection or supply might be limited. But, sometimes you can score a beautiful rug there.
  6. And, finally, Amazon has a huge selection of rugs. Searching for a nice rug on Amazon can be kind of a pain though. You really have to keep scrolling through search results to find the gems. BUT, that’s why I put together this list of 17 of the best area rugs on a budget on Amazon. Hopefully these rugs will help you find a budget-friendly rug you’ll love!

Don’t forget to get a nice rug pad to make that new rug slip proof and extra soft under your feet.

Did you know you can find low cost, beautiful, & durable rugs online? Here's my picks for the Best Area Rugs on a Budget for your floor! Living Room, Bedroom, Entry Way, Laundry Room, Kitchen, and Bathroom Area Rug Sizes.
You can see how grungy this rug in my Laundry Room looked before I cleaned it in my How to Clean Area Rugs At Home post. Check out more of my Colorful Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room in a previous post.

Can You Clean Area Rugs At Home

You can easily clean synthetic area rugs at home. I use my Bissell Spot Clean to clean all of our area rugs. Just be sure to only wet clean rugs that are synthetic or that specifically say they can be cleaned this way.

You should always have antique, wool, natural fiber, and heirloom rugs cleaned by a professional. 

I have a separate post all about how to clean area rugs at home. You can find step by step instructions, a how-to video, and my tips for cleaning area rugs in that post.

Image of 3 area rugs used as a rug runner on stairs.
I stapled this rug down, so I won’t be using my Bissell to clean it. I only use it on movable rugs. Check out How To Put A Rug On Stairs LIKE A PRO: 10 Must-See Tips to see the steps.

But, I have to say, another huge benefit of buying budget-friendly area rugs is that I don’t spend much money on them. So, I don’t expect to have them in 30 years. If I do, that’s great.

When you buy a $150 rug that you only expect to keep for 3 to 5 years, you know that wet cleaning it won’t wear it out before then. At least, mine haven’t. Although, I only have to wet clean mine once or twice a year.

Most of the rugs on my list of the best area rugs on a budget are synthetic. With just a couple Jute or Natural Fiber rugs mixed into the list.

I found this beautiful rug runner for my Master Bathroom Remodel at Target. You can see How I Clean Shower Glass Doors and that Blue DIY Chalk Paint Vanity Makeover in previous posts. Let’s ignore how messy my husband’s sink is in this picture. I couldn’t be bothered to hide everything this morning. 😉

Can I Use Area Rugs In A Bathroom

Yes, you can use area rugs in a bathroom. I am using a great rug runner in our Master Bathroom. It dries pretty quickly and has held up perfectly over the last few years.

Just be sure to pick a synthetic fiber for bathroom rugs. Wool rugs and natural grasses and fibers, like Jute, may shrink after exposure to water. 

Did you know you can find low cost, beautiful, & durable rugs online? Here's my picks for the Best Area Rugs on a Budget for your floor! Living Room, Bedroom, Entry Way, Laundry Room, Kitchen, and Bathroom Area Rug Sizes.
Here’s Fluffy again stretching out on the rug that has been in our remodeled kitchen for a few years now. This rug is number 8 on the list below. Check out my post for how to whiten grout to see more of this kitchen floor.

When you are picking an area rug for your bathroom, you also want to be sure that the rug is non-slip OR that you put a rug pad under it that will make it non-slip.

No one wants to slip and fall getting out of the shower, right? 🙂

Here’s another picture of that new area rug in our Family Game Room. This beautiful Oriental Style area rug is number 6 on the list below. I still need to build cabinet doors for the built ins I made for this wall. But, you can find my steps for how to paint built in bookshelves and my picks for beautiful, unique drawer pulls and knobs in previous posts.

You can see all of the Before and After Family Room Makeover pictures from this room now. They are A-Mazing!

That’s it for this list of the Best Area Rugs on a Budget, guys.

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Feeling inspired? Now that you’ve seen my picks for the Best Area Rugs on a Budget, I hope that helped you find a rug you’ll love.

Let me know if you have questions. Don’t forget to sign up for the Abbotts At Home email newsletter to get DIY, Remodeling, and Crafty ideas in your inbox.