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5 S’mores recipes you’ll want to try

These delicious and super easy S’mores recipes are like my little present for you. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

While I would gladly eat any of these, any day of the year. Two of them were just over the top amazing. And each of my boys had another favorite. Which s’mores recipe will be your favorite? Give these a try and let me know.

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5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

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All set up and ready to roast my marshmallows.

Before we go any further, lets discuss the marshmallows. I make these 2 ways. It just depends on what you like.
  • Oven Roasted Marshmallows
    • Set the oven to broil
    • Skewer the marshmallows
    • Place the skewer across a pie or cake pan
    • Place that pan on a rack in the middle of the oven
    • Close door so that it is still ajar but not open all the way
    • Watch the marshmallows roast and pull them out when ready. Don’t walk away, they will be ready in a minute or so.
  • Microwave Marshmallows
    • Place on a dish and microwave for 15 seconds. Microwave just the marshmallow or the whole S’more if you want the chocolate melty too. Just be sure to let it cool enough before eating
5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Marshmallows on a skewer and placed across cake pan.

5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Marshmallows have been roasted or microwaved. Time for a taste.

So, let’s get to the 5 S’mores recipes!
  • Chocolate and Caramel S’mores – Caramel fans, this one is for you! The key here is the Ghiradelli Caramel square. Microwave that square for 10 seconds and you turn it into ooey, gooey awesomeness. I could eat 15 of these, seriously. But then I’d have to spend the day silently punishing myself (yes, I’m one of those girls). So, I’ll stick with 3, maybe 4 and save the rest for tomorrow.
    • Graham Crackers
    • Ghiradelli Caramel Square
    • Marshmallow
5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Ooey, gooey chocolate caramel goodness.

  • Simple Twist on the Classic S’mores – My hubby is from England. That means I have been lucky enough to have tried lots of sweet treats from England. Shortly after we started dating, he wanted me to try a classic English biscuit (cookie) called Digestives. The name is a bit strange, but don’t let that throw you. They’re good. In fact, they are almost an exact match to our graham cracker. So, it’s an easy swap in a S’mores. But you don’t want the plain Digestive. Cadbury makes a version that has a coating of milk chocolate that is so yummy. Just add your marshmallow and you are golden!
    • Cadbury Digestives (available at WalMart, World Market, and Kroger)
    • Marshmallow
5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Yummy Cadbury chocolate already included, just add marshmallow.

  • Double Chocolate and Orange S’mores – Another English treat here. Have you ever tried the Terry’s Chocolate Orange? You can find them at World Market and at other grocery stores near Christmas. It is actually in the shape of an orange that breaks off into ‘orange segments’. It comes in Milk and Dark Chocolate. I prefer the milk, but you could use either. I went for an extra chocolate boost by using the chocolate graham crackers. I cannot say if this is better than the Ghiradelli Caramel S’mores or not. It is a very, very close call. They are both my kind of treat. I would gladly give up the regular S’mores for either!
    • Chocolate Graham Crackers
    • Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange (available at World Market and some grocery stores, check international and candy aisles)
    • Marshmallow
5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Chocolate Grahams with Chocolate Orange…who can resist these S’mores recipes?

  • Kid’s Sprinkle S’mores Cone – This is definitely my 3-year olds pick. Layer an ice cream cake cone with mini marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, and rainbow sprinkles. I did 3 layers of each, ending with the marshmallows. I tried roasting this in the oven, but the top browns too quickly. The middle doesn’t get quite warm enough to be all melty. So, you can either just microwave this for 20 seconds, or microwave and then roast to get the top browned.  Either way, your kids will love this.
    • Cake Cone
    • Mini Marshmallows
    • Milk Chocolate Chips
    • Rainbow Sprinkles
5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Of course my toddler loved this!

  • Mini Nilla Wafer S’mores – And finally, my 1-year olds favorite. I mean Nilla Wafers, am I right. It just reminds me of all the good things about being a kid. It’s definitely a comfort food for me. I did love this one too. I went with 3 chips and 2 mini marshmallows on each Nilla Wafer sandwich. So yummy, folks!
    • Nilla Wafers
    • Mini Marshmallows
    • Milk Chocolate Chips
5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Nilla Wafers with milk chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. A kid favorite!

5 S'mores recipes you'll love! Ghiradelli chocolate, Terry's chocolate orange, Cadbury's cookies...yummy!

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Have fun trying these or making up your own S’mores recipes. If you find one you love let me know. I’d love to hear about it. Post pictures of your work and tag Abbotts At Home on FB, I’d love to see it!

5 Tasty S'mores Recipes You Need To Try

Look at that melty caramel and chocolate.

Mary-the boondocks blog

Thursday 23rd of February 2017

Is there anyone who doesn't like s'mores? Yum. The more recipes the better.


Thursday 23rd of February 2017

Thanks, Mary!


Tuesday 21st of February 2017

How cute! The cone smore would be a hit here! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


Saturday 18th of February 2017

Wow, this is a s'mores lover dream come true!! I happen to have those orange chocolates so I will have to try that one first.


Sunday 19th of February 2017

I used to hate orange and chocolate together when I was a kid, but those Terry's Chocolate Oranges are fantastic!

Toni | Small Home Soul

Thursday 16th of February 2017

Yummy, I love all the variations on the classic smores. Thanks for linking up with us at Waste Not Wednesday Link Party!


Thursday 16th of February 2017

Thanks for the party, Toni!

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