Best Amazon Halloween Decorations for a Real Scare!

These Halloween Decorations will Scare, Spook, Haunt, Disgust, and Frighten this Halloween. Perfect for Parties and Outside the Home. #Halloween #Scary #Decorations

Do you want the scariest house on the street this Halloween? Here are the Best Amazon Halloween Decorations for a Real Scare! Most people go for cute Halloween Decorations. Especially with young kids around. But a few houses every year are actually bone-chillingly spooky. And everyone in the neighborhood talks about those houses. If you … Read more

Best Vintage Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Home

One of my favorite things about Christmas is all of those warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia from the music, food, and even the decor. Here are some of the best vintage Christmas Decoration ideas I've found this year. Includes Ceramic Christmas Trees, Vintage Camper Vans, and Retro Glass Ornaments. #AbbottsAtHome #Christmas #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasIdeas #Vintage #ChristmasOrnaments

Add touches of fun vintage and retro Christmas decorations for an extra Merry and Nostalgic Christmas. I always start feeling nostalgic at Christmas. How about you? I think it’s all of the music, shows, and decorations that we see for decades tying all of our Christmas memories together year after year. Here are some of … Read more

Easy LED Gaslight Light Bulb Front Porch Makeover

We love this beautiful Allen + Roth Rubbed Bronze and Seeded Glass Front Porch Light. It's completely transformed our porch. Instant curb appeal, guys! #AbbottsAtHome #CurbAppealIdeas #Lighting #PorchIdeas

I have a quick and easy way to get that classic gaslight front porch look, with this quick LED Gaslight Light Bulb upgrade! Every couple of months, I like to share one of my favorite home improvement or DIY products with you all. Like my super popular 1-Day Grout Makeover. Today’s find has made my … Read more

SnapPower Guidelight Review and Installation Video

Simply unscrew your outlet cover and replace with this cover. No wiring, at all. This SnapPower Guidelight makes a great nightlight in the kids room or as a guidelight for hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms at night. I love this easy home upgrade!

Looking for an easy to install light-sensing nightlight that isn’t too bright and the kids can’t play with it? I found one! Now and then I like to share some of my favorite home improvement and DIY products with you. Like my super popular post about the best Grout Update, ever! I have not been paid … Read more

Best Milk Glass & Schoolhouse Lights for your Home

Here’s the best milk glass and schoolhouse lights for your home, I could find on Amazon! I’ve been shopping around for new pendants to put above the island in my recently remodeled kitchen. My favorite styles, by far, are the beautiful, vintage-style milk glass & schoolhouse lights for your home. And I just had to … Read more