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10 Worst IKEA Products From My Shopping Trip – I Wouldn’t Buy These!

During my latest trip to IKEA, I rounded up my best and worst IKEA products. Here’s my picks for bad IKEA buys and why I wouldn’t buy these.

Worst IKEA Products

For decades, IKEA has been a popular destination for shoppers all around the world. BUT, like any store, they sell some GOOD and BAD products. They can’t all be winners, right?!

Last week, I spent nearly three hours at the Houston IKEA hunting down my picks for the BEST and WORST products. In this list I share my top 10 picks for bad products at IKEA.

4 examples of my picks for the worst IKEA products.
Shop with me at IKEA!

You can see a short video from my IKEA shopping trip below this list. Check out my picks for the 25 Best Products At IKEA to see which IKEA products I LOVED! OK, let’s get to that list.

10 Overpriced or Bad IKEA Products

Shop with me at IKEA in this video showing and talking about my picks for the bad buys at IKEA.

10 Worst Ikea Products - The Bad IKEA Buys You Should SKIP!

That’s it for this list of the Worst IKEA Products! Here’s a few of my favorite “Best of Lists”.

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