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How To Use Easy Off Oven Cleaner Fume Free (Easy Steps, Tips, FAQs & Video)

If you have a dirty oven that just won’t wash clean, try Easy Off Oven Cleaner Fume Free. It’s great at removing years of baked in burnt food, oils, and grease!

It even worked wonders on my super dirty oven, that I hadn’t cleaned in probably 5 years. Yikes, I know.

I honestly spent years telling myself that I needed to clean the oven as soon as it cooled down. Then completely forgetting about it until the next time I had it heated up.

Image of before and after using Easy Off Oven Cleaner for a post showing how to use easy off oven cleaner.
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But, I am so glad that I finally remembered to give my oven a deep clean.

And, Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner made it so easy to clean. With the help of a scrub sponge and a razor, I had that oven looking practically new in no time!

Here’s my top tips for how to clean an oven with Easy Off Fume Free. With answers to common questions about how to use Easy Off and what you need to know about using oven after cleaning with easy-off.

How To Use Easy Off Oven Cleaner Fume Free (Video Guide)

I’ve tried a bunch of homemade oven cleaners and store-bought cleaners. In my opinion, using Easy Off Fume Free with a plastic razor blade is the BEST way to clean a really dirty oven, I’ve tried.

If you have any questions about cleaning an oven with easy off, read the steps and tips on this post. And, watch this video to see how I clean my dirty oven with Easy Off Fume Free.

Using Easy Off Oven Cleaner Fume Free On A Super Dirty Oven - Clean With Me!

How To Clean An Oven With Easy Off Fume Free

Let’s start with the quick and easy steps I used to clean an oven with Easy Off Oven Cleaner. Then I’ll go into more details you might need.

Don’t forget, the oven must be cold and remain off for the entire cleaning. Do not spray oven cleaner on the pilot light, electrical connections, switches, heating elements, fan or thermostats.

Image of a really dirty oven about to be cleaned.
Start by emptying the oven out. I put my racks outside to clean later. You can see my tips for keeping white cabinets clean in a previous post.


Fume Free Easy Off Oven Cleaner Directions

  1. Remove the racks and set them aside.
  2. Wrap the heating elements in foil, to protect them from the Easy Off.
  3. Wipe any loose food residue off the bottom of the oven with a damp rag.
  4. Hold can 9 to 12 inches away from surface. Spray an even coating of Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner inside the oven. See the note above about where oven cleaner CANNOT be used.
  5. Optional, place plastic wrap over the Easy Off Oven Cleaner on the bottom of the oven and on the inside of the oven door.
  6. Let the Easy Off Fume Free sit in your oven for 2 hours before cleaning.
  7. Scrape off the layers of food residue and oils with a plastic razor blade.
  8. Wipe off all the residue you scraped with a paper towel.
  9. Use a damp scrubbing sponge to scrub off any leftover stains in the oven.
  10. Spray on more Easy Off Fume Free to any spots that are hard to scrub. Let it work for a couple minutes. That should make that spot easier to scrub.
  11. Wipe away residue with paper towels, as needed. Rinse your scrubbing sponge out with hot water as you go.
  12. Once clean wipe down the inside of the oven with a clean rag soaked in hot water. Rinse off residue and repeat until you’ve removed all Easy Off residue inside the oven.
  13. After wiping the oven clean, you can start using your oven again. Near the end of this post, you’ll find my tip for getting rid of the Easy Off scent after using easy-off oven cleaner.
Image of Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner on a self-cleaning oven.
Follow the directions on the can when spraying the oven cleaner. You can see here that I DID NOT spray my fan. It would have made cleaning the spray off the fan impossible without unscrewing the fan cover.

Best Tips For Cleaning An Oven With Easy Off

Plastic Wrap keeps the Easy Off Oven Cleaner wet longer, helping it penetrate deeper on the dirtiest spots. Plastic Wrap also helps hold the spray in place on the door.

Using a plastic razor blade makes removing thick layers of oven goop a lot easier and faster than scrubbing. And, the plastic razor won’t scratch glass or the enamel in your oven.

Keep the oven light OFF for the 2 hours that the oven cleaner is working on the oven. Oven lights produce heat that will dry out the oven cleaner, reducing it’s ability to penetrate stains.

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW the safe usage instructions on the container before using any cleaning product.

I used this sign to make sure no one in my house turned the oven on while the Easy Off was inside. Never use the oven with Easy Off spray.

Does Easy Off Fume Free Smell Bad?

Easy Off Fume Free doesn’t smell bad. Easy Off Fume Free has a citrusy scent that isn’t very powerful. The fumes aren’t overpowering AND they don’t fill the kitchen the way that some heavy duty oven cleaners do.

I was able to clean my entire oven without getting a headache or feeling overwhelmed by this cleaner. And, I did not use a mask while using this product.

Just be sure to hold the can far away from your face while spraying. It IS NOT safe to inhale this spray or to let it get into your eyes.

Image of Oven Cleaner covered with plastic wrap to clean a dirty oven.
You can see the plastic wrap I covered the Fume Free oven cleaner with here. The plastic wrap holds the cleaner in place after closing the door. And, it helps to keep the cleaner wet (and working) longer. If you plan to leave the Easy Off on overnight, I’d definitely add plastic wrap to keep it wet.

Can I Leave Easy Off Oven Cleaner Overnight?

You can leave Easy Off overnight, if that’s easier for you. But, if the product dries out overnight, you’ll need to spray it again before cleaning.

Dry oven cleaner is much harder to remove than wet cleaner. You can cover the oven cleaner with plastic wrap to help keep it wet overnight.

The longer the oven cleaner is wet, the longer it has to penetrate the stains and food residue on your oven. I use this same plastic wrap trick when Stripping Paint from Wood Furniture.

Image of someone using Easy Off Oven Cleaner Fume Free on oven glass door with a razor.
Just 2 hours after spraying on the Easy Off this dirty oven glass scraped clean easily with a razor.

Can You Use Easy Off On A Self Cleaning Oven?

You can use Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner on self-cleaning ovens. BUT, you cannot use Easy Off while the self-cleaning feature is on.

Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner should only be used on a cool oven that won’t be turned on while Easy Off Oven Sprat is inside the oven.

After scraping the oven with a razor, I wiped off the goop with paper towels.

What Happens If You Spray Oven Cleaner On Heating Elements?

If you accidentally spray Oven Cleaner on heating elements, you can use dish soap and warm water to gently wipe the oven cleaner off of the heating element.

Oven Cleaner shouldn’t be used to clean the heating elements. It can damage the heating elements if left on them while the oven is hot.

Don’t scrub the heating element with rough scrub sponges or brushes, it can scratch or damage the heating element.

Also, do not start the oven or the self-cleaning feature while oven cleaner is inside the oven. It could cause a fire.

You can protect the heating element from spray by wrapping it with foil while you clean. Just, don’t forget to remove the foil before using the oven again.

Scrubbing an oven with a scour daddy scrub daddy sponge.
Any food residue left behind by the razor was pretty easy to scrub off with a Scour Daddy sponge.

Is It Better To Use Oven Cleaner Or Self-Clean?

Some people prefer to use their ovens self-clean feature. It’s a great way to clean without chemicals and scrubbing. But, there are some big negatives to using the self-clean on an oven.

Self-cleaning ovens work by heating up to such a high temperature that it actually burns off the food residue built up in an oven. But, that “burning” fills your house with a pretty stinky burning smell.

All of that high-heat burning can also produce carbon monoxide and strong fumes from the burnt food and oils, or even the enamel coating in the oven.

The fumes and odor can temporarily irritate eyes and lungs. You should only use it when you are able to open windows to air out all of that stink from the self-cleaning oven.

Really dirty oven cleaned with Easy Off Oven Cleaner Fume Free.
After the oven cleaner sat for 2 hours, look at how great the bottom of the oven is looking after just scraping it with the plastic razor!

The self-cleaning oven also produces a ton of heat that can warm up the kitchen. And, it will be running for hours and hours to work properly. That’s a lot of heat added to my kitchen.

So, I definitely avoid using the self-cleaner in the summer months. It’s already hot enough in Texas! I really don’t want to pay for extra Air Conditioning just to run the self-cleaner.

And, that extra high heat can also make the oven door hot enough to burn anyone or anything that touches. That’s obviously worse when you have kids or pets in the house.

So, I never use my oven’s self-cleaning feature. It just seems like oven cleaner is the safer, easier choice.

Image of an oven after being cleaned using Easy Off Oven Cleaner.
And, here’s the oven after all of that cleaning. 99% of all of that food residue and gunk is gone!

How To Clean Oven Racks With Easy Off Oven Cleaner

I like to clean my oven racks outside to avoid making a mess in my sinks and tub. I put the racks on a heavy duty garbage bag, spray on the oven cleaner, let it work for 20 minutes.

Then I was able to scrub everything off pretty easily with my Scour Daddy. Then I rinsed the racks clean with my hose. It was super easy, guys!

If your oven racks are stainless steel or enamel coated oven racks (like mine), you can probably use Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner on your oven racks.

You can’t use Easy Off Fume Free on aluminum. So, check your manual to be sure what your oven racks are made of.

Cleaning oven racks with Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner.
I like to clean my oven racks outside so that I don’t make a mess of my sink or bathtub.

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How Long After Using Easy Off Can I Use The Oven?

You can use your oven immediately after using Easy Off Oven cleaner. Just be sure that you have washed away ALL of the Easy Off residue with warm, dish water BEFORE turning the oven on.

BUT, even though it is safe to use the oven after cleaning with Easy-Off, I recommend not cooking in it right away. The cleaner has a mild scent that is left behind in the oven.

When you use the oven after easy off cleaning, that scent can make your food have the same scent. So, I always run the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to “bake out the smell”.

That way, the heat and the oven fan running will help to remove any leftover scent before I cook anything.

Image of a clean Oven Glass Door after cleaning with Easy Off Oven Cleaner.
Look at how clean this oven door looks! Using a razor with the oven cleaner made this job so much easier.

Can You Spray Easy Off On Oven Glass Door?

Yes, you can spray Easy Off Fume Free on an oven glass door. Easy Off Fume Free is great at cleaning oven glass doors. Just check out how clean my glass is after using Easy Off!

Image of before and after using Easy Off Oven Cleaner for a post showing how to use easy off oven cleaner.

That’s it for everything you need to know about using Easy Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner.

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