6 Essential Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes

My 6 favorite Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes: DIY Wood Cleaner, Wood Stain, Whitewash, Chalk Paint, Furniture Wax, & Chalk Board Paint.

I’ve rounded up my little slips of paper full of wood finishing recipes to make this awesome Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes printable for you…and me. Hi Guys! Today, I’m excited to share 6 of my favorite Homemade Wood Finishing Recipes with you all. Grab the printable PDF at the end of this post for your … Read more

Best Amazon Halloween Decorations for a Real Scare!

These Halloween Decorations will Scare, Spook, Haunt, Disgust, and Frighten this Halloween. Perfect for Parties and Outside the Home. #Halloween #Scary #Decorations

Do you want the scariest house on the street this Halloween? Here are the Best Amazon Halloween Decorations for a Real Scare! Most people go for cute Halloween Decorations. Especially with young kids around. But a few houses every year are actually bone-chillingly spooky. And everyone in the neighborhood talks about those houses. If you … Read more

Before and After Master Bathroom Remodel Photos

I love this beautiful Master Bathroom Makeover with traditional style and stylish bathroom decor ideas. #BathroomDecor #BathroomDecorIdeas #BathroomDesign #MasterBathroom #BeforeAndAfter

Yay, I finally get to share the Before and After Master Bathroom Remodel Photos with you guys. Hi guys. I’ve been putting this post off for way to long. I finally finished making the new wall art last week. So, it’s time to share my finished Before and After Master Bathroom Remodel photos with you … Read more

DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover

This DIY Napoleonic Blue Bathroom Vanity Makeover has completely transformed my bathroom. The color is beautiful and chalk paint is a great low budget diy project that anyone can do. #AbbottsAtHome #ChalkPaintMakeover #BathroomCabinets #BathroomVanity

This DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover is the star of our Bathroom Remodel! Hi guys. Did you notice the peeks of this DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover in the latest pictures of our Master Bathroom Remodel? It took me a couple weeks to write up this makeover post, but I hope it was … Read more

The Latest Master Bathroom Remodeling Pictures!

More Master Bathroom Remodeling Pictures from my latest room makeover. I love how this classic grey marble tile looks with those light walls and dark blue accents. #AbbottsAtHome #BathroomMakeover #BathroomDesign #SoakerTub #BackSplash

Here’s the latest Master Bathroom Remodeling Pictures. I’m so in love, guys! Well guys, it’s been 7 weeks and 2 days since demo started on our Master Bathroom Remodel and I’m sorry to say that it’s not finished yet. But I do have some pretty Master Bathroom remodeling pictures and updates to share with you. … Read more

My ORC Master Bath Makeover Plans, kinda!

Yay! It's finally happening. I'm giving our Master Bathroom a much needed makeover. Here's the ORC Master Bath Makeover plan full of beautiful marble tile, chrome fixtures, pretty wood decor, and pops of blue. #AbbottsAtHome #BathroomDesign #MarbleTile #MasterBathroom #BathroomIdeas

Our ORC Master Bath Makeover Plan is full of beautiful marble tiles, quartz, and color! Welcome, guys! I’m so excited to be joining in my 2nd One Room Challenge. Last fall, I shared my Colorful Modern Farmhouse Living Room Makeover. I love how that turned out so much, I went with some similar ideas for … Read more