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12 Best Picks For Beginner Exercise Equipment For Home Gyms (On A Budget)

My favorite Beginner Exercise Equipment For Home Gyms, on a budget. Get a full body, muscle strengthening workout without leaving home!

Best Beginner Exercise Equipment For Home Gyms

Hello, hello. It’s a new year and, like many people, I’m about to kick off a new home workout routine. I shared some of what I already do in my 11 Affordable Ways to Feel & Look Younger in your 40’s post.

But, I’ve decided I need to spend a little more time on weight training, if I really want to see bigger results.

So, I’ll be doing my regular 2 Pilates strength training classes a week, my 3 – 30 minute power walks a week, and adding on some extra muscle building at home.

Image shows 2 examples on a list of the best workout at home equipment on a budget - for strength training and gaining full body muscle.
Here’s my favorite Beginner Exercise Equipment For Home Gyms, on a budget.

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Luckily, I already have some great exercise equipment for beginners. In case you need some recommendations, here’s my top picks for beginner workout at home equipment!

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And, you don’t need everything on this list to get a good workout at home. Just pick one or two items to get used to before buying something else. OK, let’s get that list started.

Best At Home Workout Equipment For Beginners

If you're ready to start strength training and building muscle at home, here's some of my ALL TIME favorite at home workout equipment for beginners!

You can ABSOLUTELY get a great full body workout with this equipment, if you put in the time.

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So glad you stopped by to see my picks for the best beginner workout equipment to gain muscle. You can find more of my Favorite Buys in these posts.

Best beginner exercise equipment for home gyms. best at home workout equipment for beginners.
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Feeling inspired? Now you know my picks for the best at home workout equipment for beginners, get started. Let me know if you have questions.

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