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11 Hidden Benefits Of Having An Amazon Prime Membership (That I LOVE)

Is Amazon Prime worth it? It is for us! Here’s the 11 hidden benefits of having an Amazon Prime Membership that MAKE LIFE EASIER.

Is An Amazon Prime Membership Worth the Cost?

Is an Amazon Prime membership worth the cost? It always has been well worth the price, for me. But, you do need to use it enough to get value from that Prime Membership.

I’m pretty sure I have had an Amazon Prime Membership for over 15 years now. In the beginning that annual membership fee was a lot cheaper.

BUT, in that 15 years, Amazon has become a giant company that offers so many extra benefits to their Prime members.

Should you get an Amazon Prime Membership? Is it worth it? That depends on how you'll use it. Here's 11 HIDDEN Amazon Prime Benefits that are definitely worth the annual fee!

In fact, a Prime membership has so many benefits now that it’s practically impossible to use them all.

And, you don’t really even need to use them all to get more than your money’s worth from an Amazon Prime membership.

BUT, is Amazon Prime worth it to you? If you’re actually going to order from Amazon AND you’ll watch Prime TV & movies, then a Prime membership is almost definitely worth it.

11 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Having An Amazon Prime Membership

Here’s my list of the less well-known reasons to have an Amazon Prime membership. And, here’s a 30-day free trial if you decide to give Amazon Prime a try.

1. Amazon Prime’s Subscribe and Save

Did you know you can save money by setting up a recurring subscription on items you buy every month? With Amazon Prime, you can save 10% on 1-4 subscription purchases for month. Or 15% on more than 5 subscriptions.

You can easily adjust the delivery spacing and quantity anytime you want. And, you can turn a subscription off anytime. It’s easy!

This hidden Amazon Prime benefit is usually really popular with new parents. You can set up a subscription for diapers, wipes, and formula.

Drink bar area in a white kitchen with trim and crown molding.
Any dry goods (like coffee) that we use a lot can be added to a subscription that we easily set the amount and time frame for on Amazon.

We absolutely had diaper subscriptions when we had babies. Avoiding a trip to the store when you have a newborn or toddler is always the best option.

In fact, having kids is probably the main reason I started shopping online for anything I could. It made life easier!

Now that our boys are older, we have coffee, toilet paper, paper towels, cat food, kitty litter, and a few other items set up on subscribe and save.

Here's a quick and easy woodworking project for cat lovers. I love how this DIY Cat Tree Wood House - Cat Tower turned out. And, it's a lot cheaper and prettier than those store bought Cat Tree's! Cat Tree or Cat Tower Printable Build Plans.
Cat food and kitty litter are also great examples of things we add to our subscribe and save. See the Easy DIY Cat Tree I built in a previous post.

Here’s some of the most popular Subscribe and Save items on Amazon. I’m always a little surprised at some of the items on that list. 🙂

Just know, some items might not be cheaper on Amazon. So, I recommend opening up Amazon and your grocery stores websites to compare prices before setting up subscriptions.

2. You’re Spending Less on Gas

When I was a kid, before online shopping was popular, it seemed like every weekend my Mom had to drag us kids to the grocery store, department stores, the mall, etc.

These weekly shopping trips would take hours and hours, guys! Kids these days don’t know how much time we used to waste driving around town trying to find the right shoes, school supplies, lamps, etc.

My kids see the inside of clothing stores maybe twice a year. We buy almost everything online now. Mostly on Amazon. And, I mean everything.

Home office with a large, traditional area rug on a faux wood tile floor, in front of built-ins.
Even large items, like the rug and office chair in our home office, are ordered from Amazon. It’s just easier and faster for me.

From mower parts, to pool chemicals, to school uniforms and shoes, to skin care products, or area rugs, even fabric by the yard for upholstery projects.

And, tons more of what I need for my DIY home projects and DIY cleaning supplies. This saves our house so much money on gas, every month.

We never drive around from store to store trying to find something. We simply jump on Amazon and search for it while watching TV or having a cup of coffee. Yep, that same coffee I buy on Amazon.

That means I also have ZERO stress from driving from store to store and sitting in traffic.

Large inground pool behind a white brick house.
My kids get to spend their time off playing instead of driving from store to store, like I did when I was little. See 18 BIG Pros & Cons To Paint a Brick House White in a previous post.

3. It Saves So Much Time Too

Another hidden benefit of having an Amazon Prime membership is all the time we save shopping on Amazon.

Like I already mentioned, we aren’t driving all around town trying to find the perfect bed sheets, shoes, or replacement parts for our tools and pool equipment.

Amazon has millions and millions of items available online. We can find exactly what we want at least 95% of the time.

AND, setting up subscriptions for items I’ll always need, like paper towels, saves me so much time too.

I save so much time ordering power tools, pool equipment, chlorine, and new computers from Amazon. See this DIY Writing Desk I built in a previous post.

Amazon Pharmacy is another newer service that can save you time and MONEY. You can manage your prescriptions and set up their delivery with your Prime membership.

If your area has Prime Fresh, Amazon’s grocery delivery service, you can even have them deliver your groceries. I’ve been a huge fan of online grocery shopping for 3 years now. It’s easily saving me an hour or two every week.

You can even use Prime Wardrobe to save time by picking clothing items to have shipped to you. You try them on at home. Then easily return whatever you don’t like.

They even have an optional personal shopper service. That’s another big time saver, guys!

No more worrying about porch Pirates or rainy day deliveries. Amazon let’s you pick the day of the week you are home for deliveries.

4. Pick your Delivery Day to be Sure you’re Home!

A lot of you don’t work from home. Or are only working from home part-time. Another great Amazon Prime membership benefit is the amazing new delivery option called Amazon Day Delivery.

That means you can pick 1 day a week, Monday through Saturday, to have everything you order delivered.

You don’t need to worry about porch pirates or rainy days when you know which day all of your packages are coming!

To avoid impulse buys, I put things into the shopping cart or saved items list and think about it for a few days before buying. See What Equipment Do I Need To Get Rid Of Cable TV? to see this antenna.

5. No More Impulse Buys

Now that I’m not walking through stores looking for things I need, I’m also buying a lot less things I don’t need.

I used to buy a bunch of random junk I wasn’t even looking for just because it caught my eye in the store.

Well, I’m not in stores now. So, I’m saving money by avoiding all of those impulse buys.

I know this might not apply to everyone. Some people love online browsing. They might easily impulse buy online.

I don’t enjoy online browsing, so this is a big hidden Amazon Prime Membership benefit for me.

Home office with light sage green cabinet storage. Huge library style shelves in a home office with a stained wood desk.
As soon as I run out of something, like printer paper in our home office, I quickly reorder it on Amazon. No running to stores or adding items to to-do lists.

6. Less Small Jobs on my To-Do List

Since I’m in the habit of buying most things online, I don’t have an ever-growing list of things I need to buy. I just quickly order things as I run out of them or need them.

In the past, I’d have to write down what I needed and make time to go to a specific store to buy that thing.

Now, we run out of printer paper, polyurethane, water filters, whatever. We just quickly jump on our phones and order more before we forget.

You can send wrapped gifts to any address. Usually in just 1 or 2 days!

7. Send Gifts to Friends and Family

Another great part of Amazon Prime’s Delivery is that I can have whatever I order gift wrapped and sent directly to my friends and family.

They’ll get it in the same 1 or 2 day delivery that I would too. So, last-minute gift buyers, like me, can pick from millions of gifts and still get them there on time. *Happy Dance*

In fact, I’m so forgetful about buying gifts on time that I wrote a post full of the Best Last Minute Gifts you can Email or Subscribe To. 😉

8. Easy Wish Lists and Gift Registry for any Occasion

I love the wish list feature. I’ve used this hidden Amazon Prime Benefit a lot over the years. Prime members can set up any number of wish lists to fill with items they might want to buy.

Or, they can even make a specific wish list public and email that to anyone.

So, you can have a wish list full of items your high school graduate might want or your teenage boy likes. Then send that off to anyone that wants it.

AND, Amazon even let’s non-Prime members set up a wedding gift registry with tons of extra benefits.

That makes it easy for all of the wedding guests to order items on Prime and have them shipped directly to the address on the wedding registry.

Which makes gifting super easy for your friends and family. I LOVE that.

Actually, Amazon let’s non-members set up other types of gift registries too. Baby shower, birthday gift lists, Christmas, or any occasion. Check out how that gift registry works here.

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I even ordered the large TV for our Family Room makeover from Amazon.

9. Large or Heavy Items Delivered to your Door

When I was in college, I drove a little Ford Escort. Trying to figure out how to get anything LARGE or HEAVY to my apartment was always a big ordeal.

And, furniture stores always charged big delivery fees. But any Amazon Prime item (marked with the Prime label) includes delivery.

That means they’ll deliver that large and/or heavy item right to your door. You only have to figure out how to get it inside.

That means you can have new mattresses, big bed frames, or coffee tables delivered. I LOVE that. And, guys, I recently shopped for a new mattress on Amazon.

Mattresses are much cheaper on Amazon than in those mattress stores.

Image of a TV showing the guide to Prime TV for a post about how to cut cable and still watch TV for free.
You can subscribe to tons of popular streaming channels through the Prime video app. See more streaming tips in 11 Best Reasons To Cut The Cord With Cable: 4 Were SO Unexpected!

10. Easily Add and Remove Extra Streaming Channels

Last year I finally made the switch from cable to only streaming channels. You can see all of my tips for How Do I Get Rid of Cable And Still Watch TV in another post.

Cutting the cord is saving me over $100 per month. But, to really save money with streaming, you should turn on and off certain streaming channels as you need them.

So, turn on CBS ALL Access, binge the shows you like for a month or two, then turn it off again until next year.

The Amazon Prime Video app makes this super EASY.

You can turn on and off tons of the most popular channels right inside of Prime Video. Including, Discovery+, NickKids, PBSKids, ShowTime, AMC+, Hallmark Channel, History Channel, and SO MANY MORE.

An example of a smart tv on Amazon. Smart TV’s or streaming sticks, like Roku, give you easy access to streaming channels.

The best part about this is that you don’t have to have multiple passwords and accounts with all of these other channels.

And, you don’t forget about whether or not you still have the channel or payment happening. You can see all of your current channels on Prime.

You can always turn those channels off, no questions asked, whenever you want. There’s no contracts!

11. Free Music, Books, and PC Games

It seems like people vaguely know that these extras are available with Prime. But most people forget to actually use them.

So, let’s talk about Amazon Prime Music, Prime Gaming

Of course, one of the biggest companies in the world is also going to have one of the biggest selections of music available as a part of Amazon Prime Music.

It’s easy to find thousands and thousands of commercial free songs, playlists, or music channels to listen too. Even off line. Which is super convenient for flights, pool or beach side, and even in your car.

Prime Gaming is fantastic for any PC Gamers in your house. You’ll have access to free PC Games and a Twitch Channel every month.

And, you can read or listen to your favorite books and magazines for FREE too. With Prime Reading you can pick from tons of Magazines and E-Books.

You don’t even need a Kindle. Just download the free Kindle app to your device.

Or take your favorite free Audiobooks to work, on a walk, in the car, or to the gym. They have an amazing selection of Audible books.

Image of 2 people whispering for a post about: Is Amazon Prime worth it? It is for us! Here's the 11 hidden benefits of having an Amazon Prime Membership that MAKE LIFE EASIER.

That’s it for my big list of the 11 best hidden Benefits of Having an Amazon Prime Membership! If you don’t have a Prime Membership, here’s a 30-day free trial.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for probably 15 years now. If you prefer online shopping over stores, like me, this is the best site with the most benefits!

One Last Tip for Shopping Online

While you’re shopping on Amazon, you have access to all of the reviews and comments too.

I always check them on anything I’ve never used before. Especially if the item costs more than $25. I generally try to buy items that have a 4+ out of 5 rating on Amazon.

I recommend that you always read those reviews when you’re shopping online. Sort the reviews by the most recent reviews.

Sometimes all of the bad reviews happened 2 or 3 years ago. I ignore those and just assume that the company must have fixed the issue.

Read those bad reviews too. Half the time it seems like bad reviews are weirdly irrelevant, user error, or strange complaints that have little to nothing to do with the quality of the product.

How Much Is an Amazon Prime Yearly Membership?

As of the end of 2023, the Annual Amazon Prime membership, including Prime Video is $139 per year. That’s about $11 per month.

Or, you can pay for the membership monthly. Prime costs $14.99 per month.

If you love all of the shows on the Prime streaming app, that $11 per month is worth it just for the TV. A monthly Netflix subscription costs about the same.

BUT, you get so many benefits of having an Amazon Prime Membership. Starting with the BIG, ORIGINAL benefit of Amazon Prime free same-day, 1-day, or 2-day shipping on millions of items available online.

That’s HUGE in my family. We buy anything and everything from Amazon these days. We’re probably getting deliveries 4 days a week. Free shipping and easy returns on all of that is a HUGE savings for us!

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Feeling inspired? Now that you’ve seen my picks for the Best Benefits of Having an Amazon Prime Membership, I hope that helped you decide if a Prime membership is right for you.

Let me know if you have questions. Don’t forget to sign up for the Abbotts At Home email newsletter to get DIY, Remodeling, and Crafty ideas in your inbox.