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Make A DIY Round Table Top Out Of Plywood: Easy Steps & Video

EASY to follow steps and video showing how to build this cheap DIY Round Table Top from Plywood Circles, in any size you need it!

DIY Round Table Top

When I designed my new Kitchen Table, I wanted something beautiful, durable, and budget-friendly. I made this DIY Round Table Top from one $55 sheet of Maple Plywood.

I think it looks beautiful, that hard Maple Plywood is definitely durable, AND using plywood saved me $100 to $200 over hardwood lumber.

That’s a huge win in my book!

Image of a round table top made from plywood circles for a tutorial with DIY steps.

Why I Used Plywood

Cabinet-Grade Plywood is a great option for building low cost and durable table tops or cabinet tops. Plywood is easy to work with and easy to find.

I always buy my Plywood at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I usually go for the Maple Plywood because it’s easy to finish and has a pretty grain.

The type of plywood available at your stores may vary depending on what part of the country (or world) you’re in.

My local stores have a Birch Plywood too. I usually think Birch requires more sanding and doesn’t absorb darker stain as well. But, go with what you love!

Here's how to build a DIY Round Table Top from Plywood Circles you can cut with a router! Build a 1 1/2" thick circle table top for around $60 with these DIY woodworking steps and how-to video.
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You can see how I built that DIY Kitchen Table Pedestal Base and the steps for the DIY White & Grey Distressed Paint look in previous posts. Those tutorials include full written steps and how-to videos to help you do those projects at home. 🙂

Now, let’s get to the steps for this DIY Round Table Top from Plywood tutorial.

Making A Round Table Top – Build Video

Seeing someone do something always helps me understand the DIY Project better. Watch this 5-minute video for a better look at each step. 🙂

Build a $55 Round Plywood Table Top for Pedestal Bases- Using a Router

Here’s What You’ll Need

How to Make a Round Wood Table Top

Note: My Round Top is 41″ across and 1 1/2″ thick. So, my instructions are written for making a 41″ circle top. You can use these directions to make a different size circle table top, by adjusting the length. 🙂

Step One

Cut your 8′ Long Plywood Sheet into 2 – 43″ squares. I used my Circular Saw for this.

Circle cutting jig attached to router to cut a DIY round plywood table top.
After the 1/4″ pass of the router through the plywood.

Step Two

Attach a circle cutting jig to your router. Then cut 2 – 41″ circles with a straight router bit that can cut at least 3/4″ deep.

Be sure to attach that circle cutting jig to the bottom side of your plywood, to keep the top side perfect.

To cut a circle with a router, it’s best to first cut the circle at about 1/4″ depth, then 1/2″ depth, then 3/4″ depth.

Cutting the circle to make a Round Plywood Table Top should be done in increments like this to prevent overloading the motor of that router.

Step Three

To keep this table top a lighter-weight, I also cut a 29″ circle out of one of my 41″ circles. Again, use the 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ circle cutting increments I described in the last step.

2 plywood circles glued together for a DIY round table top.
Here’s the bottom of the plywood table, after the glue has dried and the clamps have been removed.

Step Four

Now that you have 2 perfect 41″ circles, you can glue them together. Use lots of clamps and wood glue (shown in video) to get a tight bond between the 2 circles.

Make sure they are lined up perfectly all around the circle before clamping. Wipe away any excess wood glue with a slightly damp rag. Then let them dry overnight.

Step Five

Now, you can remove the clamps from those DIY Round Table Top Plywood Circles. Sand the outside edge of your circle with 120-grit sandpaper and a power sander, just enough to ensure the edge is perfectly even and ready for edge banding.

Be careful cutting the edge banding. You want a nice clean joint. I usually use scissors to cut banding.

Step Six

Apply the 2″ wide edge banding per the instructions on the banding. For pre-glued edge banding, you typically use a hot iron on the cotton setting.

That heats up the glue on the inside of the band, making it stick to the edge of your table.

Then you use a hard flat piece of wood or a small hard roller to press the banding into place as you work. You can see me doing this in the video too.

In the video, I also described how this was the first time I had any trouble applying edge banding. I’m not sure if my trouble came from using a new brand of edge banding OR if it’s just harder to apply edge banding to a rounded edge.

I’m going to try using this edge banding on another round top and a straight edge top to see how it goes. If I decide that this brand of edge banding just doesn’t have very strong glue, I might just always use wood glue and my bessey strap clamp to apply this edge banding to tables.

I used a small craft bottle with a large gauge needle to inject glue into a few spots where the banding just wouldn’t stick.
After injecting the glue with the bottle, I wrapped my Bessey Strap Clamp around the DIY Round Table Top and let that dry overnight. Hopefully, you all won’t need to use this trick. But, I thought I’d share in case it ever helps you out of your own woodworking dilemma. 🙂

Step Seven

Once your edge banding has had a couple hours to cool off and set, you can trim away the excess banding with a Box Knife, Band-It, or small hand planer.

Be careful and take your time so that you don’t over cut the banding. You can see how I do this in the DIY Round Table Top How-To Video too. 🙂

Step Eight

When the banding is flush with the top and bottom of the plywood, it’s time to sand your plywood.

Maple Plywood is already nice and smooth, you’ll just want to sand lightly with 120-grit and 180-grit sanding blocks to remove any dirt and oils from your hand that might be on the surface.

Sand the entire surface, along the banding, and where the banding meets the plywood for a nice and smooth feel.

Step Nine

Apply your favorite stain and top coat. I used Black Walnut Danish Oil as the first layer of finish on this Round Plywood Table Top.

It’s one of my favorite wood stains because it almost always applies evenly and the oils in it harden in the wood, making it more durable. You can find the full steps to apply the finish I used in How To Stain A Table Top: Easy Dark Stain Finish

DIY Round Table Top sitting on a wooden pedestal table base.
I ended up connecting the top to the base with simple angle brackets (not in picture). Just be sure to use the correct length screws.

The Finished Table Top From Plywood Circles

Here's how to build a DIY Round Table Top from Plywood Circles you can cut with a router! Build a 1 1/2" thick circle table top for around $60 with these DIY woodworking steps and how-to video.
This 41″ round wood table top works perfectly with 4 chairs. But, we could easily squeeze a couple more around this table top too.
Here's how to build a DIY Round Table Top from Plywood Circles you can cut with a router! Build a 1 1/2" thick circle table top for around $60 with these DIY woodworking steps and how-to video.
That chunky 1 1/2″ thick profile looks great with that chunky pedestal base. *All the heart eyes*
How to build a DIY round table top and wood pedestal base for a kitchen table. Full DIY woodworking steps and how-to videos to help you get it done. :)
This round kitchen table is perfect in our kitchen. I like that the round top adds some curves to a room that is full of straight lines. It adds new warmth and style to the room. 🙂
How to build a 1 1/2" thick DIY Round table top from plywood, using a router and circle cutting jig.
I love the finish on this table! It matches the chairs we already had perfectly.
Here's how to build a DIY Round Table Top from Plywood Circles you can cut with a router! Build a 1 1/2" thick circle table top for around $60 with these DIY woodworking steps and how-to video.
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Feeling inspired? Now that you’ve seen this DIY Round Table Top from Plywood tutorial, you can do it too. Let me know if you have questions.

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Sunday 19th of January 2020

That's my favorite kind of compliment! Thanks so much and yes I did. :)

Sarah @ The DIY Mommy

Saturday 18th of January 2020

Wow, Beautiful project! You did a great job!


Saturday 18th of January 2020

Thanks so much, Sarah. I'm loving this table, I have to say. :)

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