DIY Round Table Top, Using Plywood Circles

Here's how to stain a table top. Get that professional, store-bought wood stain look with this DIY wood stain tutorial and how-to video. Easy DIY Dark Wood Stain Finish Steps.

Here’s how to build a DIY Round Table Top from Plywood Circles you can cut with a router! When I designed my new Kitchen Table, I wanted something beautiful, durable, and budget-friendly. I made this DIY Round Table Top from a $55 sheet of Maple Plywood. I think it looks beautiful, that hard Maple Plywood … Read more

DIY Round Kitchen Table – Wooden Pedestal Base

Step by step tutorial for this DIY Round Kitchen Table with printable woodworking plans and how to video. Using just a Miter Saw, no fancy tools required.

This beautiful wooden DIY Round Kitchen Table is a standout piece of furniture in any home. I’m totally happy dancing all around my kitchen today. I’ve wanted to build a round DIY Round Kitchen Table for a few years, guys. I thought that having a round table to break up all the squared edges and … Read more

How to Whiten Tile Grout – Easy DIY Grout Makeover

How to Whiten Grout with a quick and easy DIY Grout Renew.

Here’s the easy DIY Steps for How to Whiten Tile Grout and seal it from future stains. Yay! A few years ago, I spent a week trying to scrub the grout clean in my guest bathroom. I tried probably 10 different products and Pinterest tricks. But nothing really worked until I found Polyblend Grout Renew. … Read more