DIY Round Table Top, Using Plywood Circles

Here's how to stain a table top. Get that professional, store-bought wood stain look with this DIY wood stain tutorial and how-to video. Easy DIY Dark Wood Stain Finish Steps.

Here’s how to build a DIY Round Table Top from Plywood Circles you can cut with a router! When I designed my new Kitchen Table, I wanted something beautiful, durable, and budget-friendly. I made this DIY Round Table Top from a $55 sheet of Maple Plywood. I think it looks beautiful, that hard Maple Plywood … Read more

DIY Round Kitchen Table – Wooden Pedestal Base

Step by step tutorial for this DIY Round Kitchen Table with printable woodworking plans and how to video. Using just a Miter Saw, no fancy tools required.

This beautiful wooden DIY Round Kitchen Table is a standout piece of furniture in any home. I’m totally happy dancing all around my kitchen today. I’ve wanted to build a round DIY Round Kitchen Table for a few years, guys. I thought that having a round table to break up all the squared edges and … Read more

How to Whiten Grout – Easy DIY Grout Makeover

How to Whiten Grout with a quick and easy DIY Grout Renew.

How to Whiten Grout and Seal your Grout at the same time. Here’s the Easy DIY steps for How to Whiten Grout and Seal your Grout, the easy way. Painting Grout Lines with Grout Renew gets rid of grout stains that won’t scrub clean anymore. And, the built in grout sealer helps keep the grout … Read more