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11 Beginner Tips to Use the Dewalt Hand Planer

Here are 11 DIY tips I learned for how to use the Dewalt Hand Planer as a beginner.

Hi guys! I love woodworking and designing and building new furniture. I’ve wanted to buy a planer for a couple years now. But I’d really only use it every couple of months. So, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that would sit on a shelf most of the time. I decided to take a chance and learn how to use the Dewalt Hand Planer and I absolutely love it.

But, it does take some practice to get used to it. At first, I was gouging my wood up. I almost threw it away once or twice. But, with patience and practice on cheap lumber it’s turned into a great buy. Here are 11 DIY tips for how to use the Dewalt Hand Planer Tool as a beginner. Hopefully, they can help you too.

Here are 11 DIY tips I learned for how to use the Dewalt Hand Planer as a beginner. I hope they can help you get started with an electric hand planer, too. DIY Electric Hand Planer tips for beginners and home woodworkers.
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Watch this to See these Beginner Tips

11 Beginner Tips to Use the Dewalt Hand Planer

Be sure to watch the short 4-Minute video above to see me using my Dewalt electric hand planer. Seeing things always helps me understand things better.

A few months ago, I designed and built a DIY Outdoor Sofa from 2×4 Pine and Cedar. I finally decided to buy a hand planer for this project and a couple others that I had been putting off.

Tip One

Put a foam mat or cloth under the wood to keep it from moving across the table when you are planing the wood. But make sure that it is tucked under the board and will not be touched when you use the Dewalt Hand Planer, or any electric hand planer. Clamps or a stop block in front of the wood can also keep the wood from moving.

Tip Two

Keep blade depth at 0 to prevent gouges when you use the Dewalt Hand Planer. Lots of shallow passes always works better for beginners.

Tip Three

Lift the planer up at the end of the board to prevent gouges, or bites, off the end of the board. You can see me do this in the video. Dewalt recommends pushing down at the back of the planer at the end of the board. But, that didn’t always work for me. Lifting up does.

Tip Four

Plane across the whole surface of the board the same number of times in each “row” to keep the planing even.

Tip Five

Work in both directions across the board too. Meaning, left to right and right to left. Or, just flip the board to get the same result. This will help you get the smoothest finish when you use the Dewalt Hand Planer on rough or uneven boards.

Tip Six

Like with mowing or vacuuming, you overlap the previous row a bit to get the best result.

Tip Seven

You’ll still need to sand as you normally would. When you use the Dewalt Hand Planer or any electric hand planer, you’re just smoothing the board or reducing the thickness, but sanding gets the final, smoothest finish before sealing or staining.

Look at this huge pile of shavings after smoothing those Cedar boards.

Tip Eight

The planer will make a huge pile of wood shavings in a short time, work outside or with dust collection.

Tip Nine

For long boards, walk with the planer to keep the hand planer in a straight line with the same flat angle and amount of pressure across the board. Don’t stretch to reach across the board, or you could gouge the board by accidentally raising one end.

Tip Ten

Plane with the grain to prevent issues until you become comfortable with the planer.

Tip Eleven

Don’t forget eye protection and a dust mask. Like I said in tip 8, this will make a mess. Shavings will be flying everywhere. 🙂

I used my 11 beginner tips to use the Dewalt Hand Planer to smooth the rough Cedar for this woodworking project.
Look at that smooth Cedar. I’m loving this DIY outdoor sofa. I wouldn’t have been able to use that Cedar without a planer. And, I’ve used the planer to make a bench in my garage and even a cute cedar DIY Red Truck Christmas Centerpiece too.

That’s it for my 11 DIY tips for how to use the Dewalt Hand Planer Tool. I hope you’ve found this helpful. Good luck with your Electric Hand Planer!

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