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DIY Furniture

Here’s our latest DIY Furniture for home woodworking. Abbotts At Home shares Step by Step Build Plans, Tutorials, and How To Videos for Beginner and Intermediate level woodworkers.

I try to design DIY Furniture that looks like beautiful furniture from traditional furniture stores but for a lot less money than you’d spend on store-bought furniture.

You can find all of my Printable Build Plans in my Gumroad Store. Some of the woodworking plans are FREE. Some are available for a great low price.

Be sure to watch any build videos that go along with a DIY Furniture tutorial to get a better idea about how to build that piece of furniture.

And, I always recommend checking out these popular woodworking tutorials:

Don’t forget to check back monthly for the latest woodworking tutorials and DIY Furniture builds.

And, if you’re looking for furniture painting and staining tutorials, check out this list of 30+ Step by Step Beginner Furniture Painting Tutorials for lots of easy to follow ideas.