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Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Swing Set? (Cost of DIY vs Kits)

Yes, building your own swing set will almost always be cheaper than buying a similar swing set.

The full Swing Set Kits, including wood, available at Home Depot and Lowe’s cost easily hundreds more than just buying your own Swing Set Brackets and lumber.

Image of someone building a swing set for a post about Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Swing Set? (Cost of DIY vs Kits).

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Swing Set?

I spent about $275 on my large DIY Swing Set Frame, including the Swing Set Brackets, lumber, swing hangers, and 3 swings.

I built my 3-Swing Wooden Frame Swing Set for $275, including the cost of the swing brackets, 4×4’s, and swings.

The cost to build a swing frame will vary. Some states or countries have higher lumber costs. Or, you might want to use Redwood or Cedar instead of Pressure Treated Pine. That will add onto the cost.

Your swing set cost will also go up if you alter the design to add a slide, climbing wall, or other additions.

Wooden swing set made with pressure treated lumber posts.
The 4×4 swing set I built in under an hour has the weight, height and strength that keeps it safely in place while kids swing high.

Building a Swing Set Compared to Similar Wooden Swing Set Kits

As a comparison, check out this Full Wooden Swing Set Kit with 3 types of swings included. It’s almost the exact same price as I paid for my DIY Swing Set Frame.

BUT, that kit swing set is made with just 2×4’s. So, it can’t handle the weight of most adults. In fact, it can’t support anyone over 115 pounds.

AND, that kit swing set is only 6′ 10″ high. The one I built is about 8 1/2″ high. So, my kids can swing a lot higher on the swing set I built.

My 4×4 Swing Set Frame is also a much heavier frame than the kit swing set that is just made with 2×4’s. That means my swing set frame is too heavy to bounce around, even when my kids are swinging high.

Although, if an adult over 200 pounds tries to swing high, I can’t guarantee they won’t get movement. I don’t, but someone heavier or stronger might.

So, to be extra safe, you can always add Swing Anchors to hold the swing set legs down.

Image of someone building a swing set for a post about Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Swing Set? (Cost of DIY vs Kits). Build a swing set.
Don’t forget to save “Is it cheaper to build your own swing set”.

DIY Swing Build Compared to Similar Metal Swing Sets

As another comparison, here’s a 3-Swing Metal Frame Swing Set that also cost around $275. That metal frame is lighter than wood. So, it can’t handle heavier kids or adults.

And, the height on this metal swing set is only around 6′. That means older kids that like to swing high will find this swing set kind of boring.

Be sure to think about the height of any metal swing set and the age range of the child it’s best-suited for before buying.

Assembled Swing Set made with Pressure Treated Lumber with 3 swings hanging from it.
I LOVE how easy it is to build a swing frame.

How To Build A Swing Set

You can watch this short video to see how to build a swing set in less than an hour. Or, head over to my tutorial to see the written steps and photos for this DIY Swing Set Frame.

Cheap & Easy 4x4 DIY Swing Set Build - How To Build A Swing Set For Kids & Adults!

That’s it for Is it Cheaper To Build Your Own Swing Set. Good luck building a swing set!

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Feeling inspired? That’s it for can you build your own swing set on a budget! Let me know if you have questions.

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