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Wood Mosaic DIY Table Top Makeover

Save a damaged table top or just update a boring look with this Wood Mosaic DIY Table Top Makeover.

Have I told you that I love my Dewalt Miter Saw

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? I do, it seriously makes so many projects easy, including this wood mosaic DIY Table Top Makeover. This coffee table makeover turned out so cute. You won’t believe what it looked like when I found it. I doubt the last owner would recognize it.
How I updated a damaged table top with a wood mosaic DIY Table Top makeover. #AbbottsAtHome #FurnitureMakeover #TableTop #TableDIY #WoodMosaic

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The truth is this coffee table started out as one of those huge 2-tier end tables that was so popular in the 80’s and 90’s. But a table that size (32″x32″) just doesn’t fit into most living rooms as an end table. I wasn’t sure I wanted it at first, but the legs are absolutely beautiful and the price was great. I just had to figure out what to do about that second tier.


Disclaimer: Make sure to always read the directions for any products or tools you use while building. Always check for square and double-check those measurements too. Read the full disclaimer.

Before the wood mosaic DIY Table Top makeover

Before the DIY Table Top makeover, this coffee table was an over-sized end table

My first thought was to upholster it and turn it into an over-sized ottoman/coffee table. Then top it off with a cute tray to make it functional. But with my 2 little guys, the tray would have been just another toy to them. Can you relate? I needed to figure out another plan.

Then I realized this table was perfect for a wood mosaic DIY table top makeover. A pretty wood pattern would hide the holes  left behind after removing the second tier. And, I love making mosaics, like my scrap wood wall art.

Prepping the table for the wood mosaic DIY Table Top makeover

Getting ready to paint in the backyard while the kids play

I started by removing the second tier as carefully as possible. That L-shaped top is still in the garage, I’m just hoping I can find a way to use it one day. I hate wasting good wood. Next, I applied a coat of KILZ 2 Primer to the coffee table, followed by a coat of Behr’s Polished Pearl after it dried.

I used a sanding block to rough up all the edges, corners, and detail areas of this great table. Whenever you have a table with a lot of detail, distressing looks so nice without much effort. After distressing, I gave the table a coat of Minwax’s Poly. Now I needed to decide on a wood pattern for this coffee table makeover.

Sanding Blocks are great for lightly distressing furniture. I used one on this wood mosaic DIY Table Top Makeover.

Using the sanding block to distress the edges

After checking out a few (hundred) ideas on Pinterest, I settled on a design plan and headed to Home Depot. I used 1×3 common board for this project. The cuts were pretty simple, just set the Miter Saw to 45 degrees and you’re ready to go. I decided to work from the outside in to make it as easy as possible.

I started by drawing an X all the way across the table, from one corner to the other. This would work as a guide for my measurements. I started with one side and measured across the table on that side to get the width.

Since this piece is square, a 45 degree angle cut works perfectly. All you need is the measurement of the widest part of the wood to make your cuts. I worked my way along each of the 4 sides before moving to the next row. It was really very simple.

Use a Pencil to draw the wood mosaic pattern on the wood. It makes this wood mosaic DIY Table Top makeover easier.

The ‘X’ mark on the coffee table

How-To Rescue a damaged tabletop with this wood mosaic DIY Table Top makeover.

Top view of the new wood top

I sanded all of the pieces with 150 grit sandpaper after the cuts were complete. This roughed it up and cleaned off all the dirt and grime it had picked up since being milled.

Before staining, I always use wood conditioner. It helps the wood absorb the stain easily. You’ll want to follow the directions on your wood conditioner and stain. Usually the wood conditioner is rubbed on with a cloth and left to soak in for 5-10 minutes before you can apply your first coat of stain.

I also use a clean rag to apply the stain, be sure to rub off any extra stain. If you forget, the piece will be left sticky and take much longer to dry. After staining I used 3 coats of polyurethane since it’s a table top. Wood that will get extra abuse needs extra protection.

wood mosaic DIY Table Top makeover

This Wood Mosaic DIY Table Top Makeover is already a favorite of mine!

wood mosaic DIY Table Top makeover

Close look at the distressing on the table

Give that boring table a pretty Farmhouse Look with this wood mosaic DIY Table Top Makeover. #farmhouse #coffeetable

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What do you think about this DIY Table Top Makeover? I love how this turned out. 🙂

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Feeling inspired? Now you know how to do this wood mosaic DIY Table Top Makeover.  Have fun and let me know if you have questions. Or post pictures of your work and tag Abbotts At Home on FB, I’d love to see it!


Monday 4th of December 2017

Love the me wanting to do a makeover. What type of paint did you use from Behr?


Monday 4th of December 2017

Thanks! I used Behr Ultra Latex - Polished Pearl color - in the Eggshell finish. Just be sure to apply light layers and let dry completely with latex. Or you can mix into Chalk Paint which dries way faster and smoother. I have a recipe here:

Kathleen Rupp

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

This is a great project!! I love this idea. Very creative and gorgeous! Definitely pinning that!


Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Thanks so much, Kathleen!

Kathy A

Saturday 17th of June 2017

Great makeover. Your leftover top piece looks like a wall mount corner shelf with a little trimming or a bottom shelf added inr; maybe done in a bright primary color for kid's room or cream and pink for a frou-frou look. In a kitchen, it would be great for cookbooks, small cannisters, and decor.


Saturday 17th of June 2017

Those are great ideas!. You are right. I could make something really cute for the kids with that. I'll have to get planning! Thanks.


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Love how it turned out! Great job :)


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Thanks, Brenda!


Friday 3rd of March 2017

So cool! Nice work, it looks great and is so clever.


Friday 3rd of March 2017

Thanks, Sheri!

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