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7 DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas That ABSOLUTELY Made My Boring Kitchen BEAUTIFUL

I spent the last 2 months on 7 DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas that turned my boring kitchen into a BEAUTIFUL kitchen with tons of unique style.

These Beautiful Kitchen Makeover Ideas 100% Improved My Kitchen!

Fun Fact: This kitchen was orange when we moved in 12 years ago. It had orange walls, orange counters, and orange floors. Here’s a look at it before we had it remodeled.

Before picture of a kitchen remodel.

Then, once we had it remodeled the kitchen was pretty good. BUT, there were a few BIG things that always bothered me about the new kitchen.

The texture on the ceiling was a lot thicker and uglier than the texture in the rest of the house. So, I really wanted to hide that texture.

Image of kitchen makeover photos of a large kitchen with an island and a small Dining Table.
BEFORE: You can see the ceiling texture and yellowed crown and the boring beige walls really well in this picture.

And, the oil-based trim paint that they used on the crown molding has yellowed. That’s why I never use oil-based paint. I decided to install my two piece crown molding and paint it white.

I actually decided that the beige walls were giving the room a boring feel too. They needed to be white to match the cabinets to brighten the room and make it feel as big as it actually is!

Kitchen Makeover Ideas Before and After Photos - Before Photo
BEFORE: Another view of the ugly ceiling texture and dark shadows over the cabinets. You can also see how the ceiling lights aren’t in straight lines, making the ceiling feel like a MESS.

The can lights that the contractor installed were in 2 groups of 4 that were not lined up with each other. That always looked weird. So, I wanted to move 4 of them and line up the can lights in 2 rows.

The next HUGE problem was the way the contractor hid the vent over the range. The tiny box looked too small and boring over my range cabinets. So, I decided to take that cabinet to the ceiling instead.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas Before and After Photos - Before Photo
BEFORE: Look at that tiny box over my pretty cabinets. I hated it! And, of course, you can really see that yellowed crown and the boring beige again.

Next up, the space above the cabinets is too big. That makes it look dark, shady, and WRONG. But, instead of taking the cabinets all the way up with these 10′ high ceilings, I’ll extend the existing cabinets.

Before and after kitchen makeover photos of a kitchen with Starmark white cabinets and Lusso quartz counters from Cosentino.
BEFORE: The tiny box hiding the vent is out of scale. And, the space above the cabinets is too big and dark.

Let’s get started!

7 DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas That Look Great

I spent 2 months making these changes alone. If I can do this alone, almost anyone can do this as a couple. So, don’t be afraid to try! Watch YouTube videos and talk to people to learn how to do it right!

Image with a large, beautiful white traditional kitchen with a shiplap ceiling and lots of trim molding. Text says 7 DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas for a beautiful kitchen".

1. Painting My Walls The Same White As The Cabinets

The easiest change I made was painting the walls, trim and ceiling in the exact same color as the cabinets. In this case it was Sherwin Williams Dover White with an Eggshell sheen.

I’ve been painting the ceilings in my house with an Eggshell sheen for a few years now. It always brightens a room and draws the eye up, making the ceilings feel even higher!

White kitchen cabinets and white walls in a large kitchen with high ceilings. Sherwin Williams Dover White.
Check out the 16 BEST perennials for Zone 9 yards to see my favorite plants in hot Houston! Or, see my tips for Where To Put A Kitchen Sink And Appliances when planning a kitchen remodel.

Switching to white walls in this house has also been a game-changer. It’s giving each room instant style and impact. White walls are a great background for all of the color I add to a room.

Check out my recent Master Bedroom makeover, this two story foyer makeover, or my boy’s Outer Space Bedroom Makeover to see more white walls in my house.

Using trim on top of kitchen cabinets to extend them up. Crown molding, chair rail, and 1x6 lumber on top of cabinets.
The walls, crown molding, trim, and ceiling are all painted in Sherwin Williams Dover White with an Eggshell sheen.

2. Extending My Cabinets With Trim

To extend my cabinets about 6″ higher, I popped off the existing cabinet crown and set it aside to reuse it.

I used primed 1×6 lumber and a 1 1/4″ chair rail, that you can find at Lowe’s and Home Depot, on top of each cabinet. The chair rail hides the connection between the 1×6 and the cabinets.

Using trim on top of kitchen cabinets to extend them up. Crown molding, chair rail, and 1x6 lumber on top of cabinets.
Can you tell I LOVE trim work when you see this picture?? That 2 Piece Crown Molding is chunky and beautiful!

Then I reinstalled the crown molding onto the 1×6. To do all of this, I used my Brad Nailer. Then I finished it off with caulk and filler on the trim.

I LOVE extending painted cabinets up with this easy but BIG impact DIY. It’s one of my favorite kitchen makeover ideas. See 10 ways to Add Height To Kitchen Cabinets in a previous post.

Upper cabinets with DIY extended trim and crown molding on top to make them look taller.
Check out how I keep white cabinets clean in a previous post.

I’m a tall girl and I already can’t reach the top shelf in my cabinets. So, I didn’t want to take them all the way to the ceiling.

Extending the upper cabinets with trim added just enough height to get rid of the overly big gap over the cabinets.

3. Installing Two Layer Crown Molding

The crown molding in this room was pretty good. BUT, I LOVE lots of beautiful trim and molding in my traditional home. I install extra trim in every room.

So, I installed the same two piece crown molding in this kitchen that I installed for my boys bedroom makeover. Luckily, I was able to save and reuse the existing crown. So, it was a big money saver.

I almost installed my three piece crown molding in the kitchen. But, I decided that might be too many layers with the shiplap ceiling. In the end, I think the 2 layer crown looks perfect!

Two piece crown moulding in a large white kitchen.
I used a pretty baseboard flipped upside down under the crown to get this chunky, layered crown moulding look.

4. Fixing The Layout Of My Can Lights

While I was installing the shiplap, I was able to easily line up all 8 can lines on the ceiling into 2 rows of 4. It looks SO MUCH better, guys! I’m so glad that hot mess of mismatched can lights is fixed.

I was also able to install brighter LED white lights on the ceiling. Which was a big help in getting rid of the “dark” feeling my kitchen used to have.

White kitchen cabinets in a 10' high ceiling kitchen with an island and shiplap kitchen ceiling.
You can kind of see that the can lights are in straight lines here. Organizing the messy layout on the ceiling has been a HUGE improvement.

5. Installing Pendants Over The Island

Another one of my favorite kitchen makeover ideas ended up being the switch from can lights to pendants over the island.

The new pendants have a great vintage milk glass style that I LOVE. They’re made by an American company, called Olde Brick Lighting, that hand makes beautiful light fixtures.

Olde Brick Lighting Milk Glass Vintage Style Pendant lights over an island in a kitchen.
Look at those gorgeous pendants. They are SO GOOD! Let’s just ignore my messy laundry room. It needs a makeover soon. 😉

I also LOVE that the matte brass on the pendants adds a nice contrast to my stainless steel appliances. Mixed metals are so trendy these days. But, they actually do look great together.

Check out these lights on ETSY or check out their whole shop here. Or, see more of my favorite milk glass and schoolhouse style lights in a previous post.

White Cabinet Range Hood to the ceiling with trim and a shelf.
Taking that cabinet range hood to the ceiling looks AMAZING and so much more professional and high-end than what the contractor installed!

6. Extending The Hood To The Ceiling

The second biggest change, for me, is the HUGE improvement that extending the hood to the ceiling made. It just gives the whole room a more professionally finished look.

The hood extension is similar to the cabinet extension. But, for the hood, I took it all the way to the ceiling with plywood and connected the plywood to the cabinets with the same 1 1/4″ chair rail.

Shiplap ceiling over a traditional white kitchen with lots of finish carpentry. crown molding cabinets, and trim.
That range hood is now the feature or focal point that it always should have been! Now, I can put art on that shelf without being afraid to draw attention to the weird little box over the hood.

The range hood is topped off with the same 2 layer crown molding as the rest of the kitchen. So, that it looks continuous with the crown on the walls.

Check out my posts for how to cut safely small pieces of wood trim or how to cut dead ends on trim, if you want to learn some beautiful DIY finish carpentry tips and tricks.

White cabinets in a kitchen with a stained wood island and white quartz counter tops. With a shiplap ceiling.
That shiplap is the beautiful cherry on top of this kitchen now. It looks better than I imagined it could!

7. Installing Shiplap On The Ceiling

Last but not least, I installed shiplap on the ceiling for 2 BIG reasons. First, I wanted to hide the ugly texture. Second, I LOVE ceiling features. You can see all of my DIY feature ceiling tutorials here.

This shiplap makes the ceiling feel BIGGER. And, the eggshell white paint reflects light and helps to brighten the room.

See How To Cover A Textured Ceiling With Beautiful Shiplap for steps to get this look!

Before And After Kitchen Makeover Video

Want to get a better look at these DIY kitchen remodeling ideas? Watch this video to see more.

7 DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas On A Budget That Took This Kitchen From Boring to BEAUTIFUL!
Image with a large, beautiful white traditional kitchen with a shiplap ceiling and lots of trim molding. Text says 7 DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas for a beautiful kitchen".
Don’t forget to save or share these DIY kitchen makeover ideas!

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