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30 Beautiful and Unique Drawer Pulls, Knobs and Hardware

As a home remodeler, I buy a lot of cabinet hardware. Here’s my big list of BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE drawer pulls & cabinet knobs on Amazon & Etsy!

Where Can I Buy Unique Drawer Pulls

Big Box hardware stores, like Lowes and Home Depot, sell a pretty good selection of whatever cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are most commonly used at that time.

They’ll have 3 or 4 different finishes available for each one too.

But, if you want something different, like knurled, antique, vintage, hand-painted or other unique drawer pulls you’re generally going to have to find them on the internet or in specialty stores.

As a home remodeler, I buy a lot of cabinet hardware. Here's my big list of BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE drawer pulls & cabinet knobs on Amazon & Etsy!
Well, I found some new favorites. So, it’s up to 30 unique cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and drawer knobs. Don’t forget to Save this List on Pinterest.

Your local lighting or kitchen and bath supply stores might have a display of unique drawer pulls and unique cabinet knobs available. They’ll tend to be more high-end and expensive than typical knobs.

If you prefer to go to a store, I’d check Pottery Barn, World Market, and Hobby Lobby. They’ll generally have some unique options available. 

Like the bone-look drawer pulls I used in my small modern farmhouse powder room. And the pretty gold knobs I used on my DIY Console Table Plans.

This week, I’ve been shopping for unique drawer pulls online for that wall of built in bookshelves and cabinets I built in our family game room.

I found so many really beautiful options on Amazon, that I decided I had to share them on my blog!

Here’s a look at the built ins I installed in our family room. You can see how to paint built in bookshelves and cabinets in another post.

I am LOVING this Before and After Family Room Makeover Transformation! Check out the amazing pictures and budget friendly DIY projects.
I went with unique drawer pulls in those extra large DIY wood drawer fronts. I still need to install the unique cabinet knobs I found.

Can You Mix Pulls & Knobs

Yes, you can mix and match pulls and knobs from different brands or collections. But, I recommend using the same finish on all of the knobs and pulls on your cabinets or furniture.

You want the color of that finish to be the same too.

Sometimes gold or brass finishes can be a lot lighter or darker than others. So, pick pulls and knobs that have the same color and sheen to the finish to get the best look.

Image of 4 examples of unique drawer pulls and unique cabinet knobs on a list of 30 beautiful cabinet hardware options.
I LOVE all of these cool drawer pulls!

Should I Use Pulls or Knobs on Drawers & Cabinets

You can use either pulls or knobs on cabinets and drawers, it’s up to you. Knobs are generally cheaper than pulls, so most people use knobs on cabinet doors as an easy way to save money.

You can use those same knobs on your drawers too. Or, go for a matching drawer pull to add some variety and extra style to your cabinets or furniture.

Check out my kitchen remodel to see how I used pulls on cabinet doors and drawers.

Here’s a money-saving tip, you’ll get the best deal on cabinet knobs and drawer pulls when you buy them in packs.

Packs of pulls and knobs are generally sold in 5-packs, 10-packs, 20-packs, and even 30-packs. These can be a lot cheaper than buying each pull separately.

Instead of babbling on, let’s get to those beautiful and unique cabinet knobs, unique drawer pulls and, of course, unique drawer knobs. 🙂

30 Unique Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Unique Drawer Pulls, Knobs, & Hardware

It can be hard to find unique drawer pulls or unique cabinet pulls and knobs. So, I put together this list of absolutely beautiful & unique cabinet hardware finds on Amazon!

Best Cabinet Door or Drawer Hardware on Amazon

Amazon has so many great options!

More Great Cabinet Hardware on Etsy

And, Etsy sellers have some fantastic and unique cabinet hardware for you too.

That’s it for this big list of beautiful and unique drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, guys. Here’s some tips for installing those drawer pulls and knobs.

How Do You Install Drawer Pulls & Cabinet Knobs

The easiest way to install drawer pulls and cabinet knobs, especially across multiple doors and drawers, is to use a jig.

Sometimes I make my own jig to install drawer pulls. You can see the simple jig I made to install my DIY Wooden Drawer Pulls near the bottom of that tutorial.

Here’s a look at the chunky DIY wooden drawer pulls I made for my garage storage.

I use the Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig to install most of my drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. It’s easy to use, budget-friendly, and adjustable to the spacing on most drawer pulls.

Jigs are great because they make it easy to center drawer pulls, drawer knobs, and cabinet knobs. That makes installing a bunch of new cabinet hardware a quicker job.

Here’s the Kreg Jig being used to install the pulls on my DIY Kids Desk with Drawers.

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Feeling inspired? Now that you’ve seen these beautiful and Unique Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Knobs, I hope that helped you find some drawer and cabinet hardware you’ll love. Let me know if you have questions.

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