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Blue DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover

DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover

Hi guys. Did you notice the peeks of this DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover in the latest pictures of our Master Bathroom Remodel?

It took me a couple weeks to write up this makeover post, but I hope it was worth the wait. I love these vanities now, guys. The blue chalk paint color is absolutely perfect.

I went with an Annie Sloan paint I found while looking through a local antique shopping area. I fell in love with that rich color right away and knew it was exactly what I wanted for the bathroom vanities.

It has the same timeless, elegant, traditional look that the marble tiles have. And, they work beautifully together.

Before I get into the details about this DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover, let me show you what the vanities looked like beforehand. There was chipped paint all over these cabinets, guys.

They were in desperate need of a makeover. You can see all of the before and after bathroom makeover photos here.


DIY Vanity Painting Makeover Video

Watch this for the exact steps I used and recommend when doing a DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover.

DIY Bathroom Cabinet Makeover - Blue Chalk Paint and Dark Wax Look

What I Used for the Low Budget Changes

4 Cheap Bathroom Vanity Makeover Projects

1.The DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover Steps

That beautiful DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover. This color is amazing on it’s own, but adding that dark wax over it turns it into a stunning color with a rich, antique look that works perfectly with those marble tiles I installed.

I sanded all of the chips in the cabinet paint smooth then cleaned the vanities inside and out with soapy dawn dish water.

Then let that dry before following the directions on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. You can hear the full steps and details about the finish in the video above.

Napoleonic Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with dark wax on the left side, clear wax on the right. DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover. #AbbottsAtHome #BathroomIdeas #HomeRemodeling #BathroomReno

You can see the difference the dark wax makes here. The drawers on the right are just the chalk paint without wax.

After a few coats of chalk paint, I used 1 coat of natural wax, then a coat of dark, then another coat of natural for a super smooth finish. Be sure to allow the waxes to set between coats. I just used a clean, lint-free rag to apply the wax.

Napoleonic Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with dark wax on a bathroom vanity. #AbbottsAtHome #BathroomMakeover #CabinetPaint #VanityPaint #ChalkPaint

Look at the detail and depth you get with dark wax. I LOVE this DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover! If you have another brand of chalk paint, go ahead and use that one. I’ve never found a bad chalk paint, really. It’s all about color for me. I even mix my own DIY Chalk Paint Recipe from Latex Paint, often.

2. New Stained Wood Cabinet Liners

I wanted to add a pretty pop of stained wood to the cabinets and needed to cover up the original cabinet bottoms that weren’t in the best shape. So, I grabbed a 1/4″ thick 2x4 sheet of $6 Luan board for each cabinet.

I cut that to size, sanded, cleaned, and stained those board before dropping them into the cabinets. I used Watco’s Danish Oil in Medium Walnut as the finish.

It’s an easy pour on finish that dries fast and doesn’t require a top coat. They look so pretty, right?!

DIY Stained Luan Plywood Cabinet Liners in a bathroom vanity. #AbbottsAtHome #Plywood #Remodeling #DIYIdeas

3. Built In Cabinet Garbage Cans

That DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover is tied as my favorite change with these built-in garbage cans. Each cabinet got a new built in garbage can.

I shared the DIY tutorial and video for that a few months ago. I love this garbage can, guys. Is that normal? Now I don’t have to look at our garbage anymore and it’s so great at keeping babies and pets out of the garbage. Yay!

DIY Dark Blue Bathroom Cabinets with white counters and light walls.

That box on the left door is the garbage can I built into the door. I just drop in an empty grocery bag and it’s good to go.

4. New Cabinet Knobs

This is the easiest change of all but new pulls always make a huge impact. I went with pretty chrome pulls to match our new bathroom fixtures. It’s like the vanities have new sparkly jewelry.

DIY Napoleonic Blue Bathroom Vanity Makeover with dark wax and pretty chrome knobs. #AbbottsAtHome #BathroomIdeas #BathroomDesign #BathroomCabinets #AnnieSloan

The Counter Top & Sink Details

Here are all of the details about the counter top, sink, and faucet changes we went with. These aren’t budget friendly, but we love them and they’ll last us another 20 years.

And they work beautifully with that DIY Blue Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover.

The counter top is a marble look quartz by MSI. Find an MSI quartz dealer near you and they’ll likely have it. It’s pretty popular. 🙂 The sink is an undermount rectangular sink with a deep bowl.

They come in so many sizes, it’s pretty easy to find one that’ll fit your vanity. The faucets are Delta Silverton 8 in Widespread 3 Hole Faucets from Home Depot.

And, if you’re curious about my wall and trim paint, I used Sandstone Cove by Behr in Eggshell on the walls and my Trim Paint is Polished Pearl by Behr in Eggshell.

Marble Look Quartz Counters with a rectangle undermount sink and dark blue vanity. See all the details for this bathroom makeover here. #AbbottsAtHome #Quartz #Marble #Countertops #Bathroom #InteriorDesign

More Bathroom Vanity Makeover Photos

And here’s the final result. I’m so glad I didn’t rip out these old cabinets. This makeover turned out so beautiful.

The new paint, plywood liners, knobs, and that built in garbage can completely restored these vanities to better than new condition. They’re ready for another 25 years. 🙂

This DIY Napoleonic Blue Bathroom Vanity Makeover has completely transformed my bathroom. The color is beautiful and chalk paint is a great low budget diy project that anyone can do. #AbbottsAtHome #ChalkPaintMakeover #BathroomCabinets #BathroomVanity This DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover has completely transformed my bathroom. The color is beautiful and chalk paint is a great low budget diy project that anyone can do. #AbbottsAtHome #ChalkPaintMakeover #BathroomCabinets #BathroomVanity #BathroomRemodel

Steps to do this Beautiful Blue Chalk Paint and Dark Wax Makeover on your bathroom cabinets or any cabinets in your home. DIY Napoleonic Blue Bathroom Vanity Makeover.

That’s it for this DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover tutorial. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see my latest DIY Projects.

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More Master Bathroom Remodeling Pictures from my latest room makeover. I love how this classic grey marble tile looks with those light walls and dark blue accents. #AbbottsAtHome #BathroomMakeover #BathroomDesign #SoakerTub #BackSplash

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Feeling inspired? Now that you’ve seen how I did this DIY Chalk Paint Bathroom Vanity Makeover you can too. Let me know if you have questions. Don’t forget to sign up for the Abbotts At Home email newsletter to get DIY, Remodeling, and Crafty ideas in your inbox.

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