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11 Best Reasons To Cut The Cord With Cable: 4 Were SO Unexpected!

Should you cut the cable cord? I ditched cable 2 years ago. Here’s my TOP 11 reasons to cut the cord with cable. Including how much $ I save!

Best Reasons To Cut The Cord With Cable

When I quit cable a couple of years ago, I new I’d have to get used to a new way of watching TV. BUT, I was completely shocked by a few of these unexpected benefits of quitting cable.

Overall, I’m SO GLAD to be done with cable and all of the annoyances that came with dealing with the cable company. But, there is 1 thing I had to get used to when I cut the cable cord.

Image of a Roku remote in front of a TV for a post with the 11 Best Reasons to cut the cord with cable tv. With tips for how to ditch cable and why you should.
I’ve tried TiVo and Roku Streaming Sticks. Roku is definitely my favorite. You can buy them for around $30 to $40.

That 1 thing was just getting used to not having a TV show automatically on when I turn on the TV. I was used to flipping on the TV and whatever channel I was on would just start “talking to me”.

It’s not a bad difference, really. It just means that I actually have to pick something to watch when I turn on the TV.

Other than that, all of the other changes have been HUGE benefits. Now, let’s get to those. Here’s why I think you should ditch cable.

1. You Can Save A Lot Of Money By Cutting The Cord

Let’s start with the one question everyone wants to know before they cut the cable cord. Can you save money by getting rid of cable? Well, generally, YES!

Unless you have basic cable, on just 1 TV, with no rental equipment, or add on premium channels, you’ll be saving money when you quit cable.

In fact, I’m saving about $1500 a year after getting rid of cable. You can see a breakdown of that math in my previous post How Do I Get Rid of Cable And Still Watch TV.

It's time to get rid of cable or satellite tv by switching to streaming tv. Here's what happened when I quit cable, how to stream tv on your tv, the pros and cons, and more. Making the switch has never been easier and you can save hundreds every year and still have your favorite shows.
How Much Can You Save When You Get Rid of Cable TV? That varies depending on how much equipment you rent and which cable tv package you have. But, most people can save by cutting the cord with cable and switching to streaming tv.

2. No More Waiting On Hold With Customer Service

I can’t even imagine how many hours over my life that I have spent on the phone with the cable company before I cut the cord with cable, it would probably be at least 2 whole days of my life.

It was well known, for decades, that you’d spend an hour or so on hold or on the line with customer service whenever you had to call a cable company.

And, for some reason, you’d have to call them 2 or 3 times a year. It was endlessly frustrating.

Do you know how many times I’ve had to call anyone about my Roku stick or streaming apps?? Zero times. I never have issues. I’m never on hold with customer service. It’s SO GOOD!

3. No More Waiting For Technicians

And, similar to the previous reason, is that I NEVER have to wait for a cable technician now. They’re notorious for their 5 or 6 hour long “service windows”, right?!

I know I’ve taken at least a few PTO days over the years to spend all day at home waiting for cable installers. I bet most people that have had cable have wasted vacation days too.

You’ll never have to do that with a Smart TV, local channels antennae, Roku or any of the other streaming sticks.

Tour our cozy Modern Farmhouse, Traditional Living Room with this look at our fun & colorful Living Room Christmas Decorations, this year. Full of pops of Red, Blue, and Green! #AbbottsAtHome #ChristmasIdeas #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasLivingRoom
The TV in our Living Room was originally on a wall to the right of our Christmas Tree. BUT, sun would shine directly on it in the afternoon. Once we cut the cord with cable, I could easily put the TV over our fireplace. Check out that Beautiful DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand in a previous post.

4. I Watch Less Junk And Repeats

Even with 130+ channels, I’d spend SO MUCH time flipping through the guide looking for something worth watching when I had cable.

Half the time, I’d give up and just end up watching HGTV reruns or random Food Network shows I wasn’t really interested in.

But now, each of my streaming channels stores a watchlist of shows I’ve picked to watch later. I can quickly have something I actually want to watch on, whenever I turn on the TV.

5. No More Calling Every Year To Threaten To Leave For A Better Deal

Another HUGE benefit to getting rid of cable is NEVER again having to call to threaten to leave cable just to get a cheaper deal. That was another stressful, wasted hour of time I’d dread dealing with EVERY YEAR.

Why couldn’t they just charge us all the same, fair price?? Yikes, I’m so glad to be done with that stress.

Tour our cozy Modern Farmhouse, Traditional Living Room with this look at our fun & colorful Living Room Christmas Decorations, this year. Full of pops of Red, Blue, and Green! #AbbottsAtHome #ChristmasIdeas #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasLivingRoom
Being able to move this TV completely changed where I could put furniture in this house. It’s a Game Changer in this room. I’m 100% happy with my decision to cut the cord with cable!!

6. You Can Put A TV Anywhere Now

The BEST thing about getting rid of cable, and one that I didn’t expect, is that my TV’s can now go ANYWHERE I want them too.

Now that I use a Roku or a Smart TV, I don’t have to keep my TV on a certain wall to keep it close to the cable outlet.

I LOVE how this new freedom let’s me change up the layout of any room, in completely new ways. And, of course, it’s fantastic to not have to call a cable installer to install new outlets when I move a TV.

I am LOVING this Before and After Family Room Makeover Transformation! Check out the amazing pictures and budget friendly DIY projects.
When I did this Family Room remodel, it was easy to put a TV on this newly built wall, because all I needed was power outlets. There is no way that I could have had cable installed on this wall.

7. I Can Watch My Shows Anywhere Now

Another hugely convenient thing about streaming TV is the ability to easily watch my shows on my phone or laptop.

I see people watching shows on flights, while waiting around for someone, at their brothers soccer practice, on car rides, anywhere and everywhere, guys! The apps make it so EASY.

Using a scrub sponge to clean a dishwasher filter.
No matter where I’m working around my house, I can use my phone or laptop to watch streaming channels. I’ll even watch while I wash dishes and clean the kitchen. This photo is from The Easy Way To Clean A Dishwasher Filter.

8. I Actually Get Faster Internet Now

So, when I had cable, my cable was bundled with Xfinity Internet. BUT, I only had their internet because of the bundle discount.

Once I quit cable and internet with Xfinity, I could switch to AT&T Fiber which is A LOT faster than my old internet, for a similar price.

Check with your neighbors to see which internet in your area is the fastest. With AT&T Fiber, we can have 1 kid playing online games (like Fortnite), 3 TV’s streaming shows, and 2 laptops working online.

It’s AWESOME! And, my upload speeds are crazy fast. Xfinity in my area could not have handled that.

9. No More Contracts After I Cut The Cord With Cable

Currently, I don’t have ANY contracts with any streaming channels or apps. I LOVE being able to turn on something like Netflix for a few months of binging.

Then, I can turn on something like Paramount+, Showtime, or Discovery+ for a while. I don’t need all of those apps at the same time.

The truth is, we have WAY MORE content than we can watch with just 3 or 4 streaming channels and free YouTube videos.

Here’s a look at my Roku Streaming Stick and it’s controller. They’re so small, they can fit in my hand, with room to spare.

10. I Can Take My Roku Anywhere

One unexpected benefit to using a Roku (or something similar) is the portability. Guys, you can easily unplug your Roku and take it anywhere!

You can use it on a hotel TV, an AirBNB TV, or just at a friends house. That means, you don’t have to log into your accounts on random TV’s when you’re on the road.

And, you don’t have to watch hotel cable when you’d rather be binging your latest Netflix obsession. It’s SO STINKING EASY!

Home office with light sage green cabinet storage. Huge library style shelves in a home office with a stained wood desk.
When I did this Home Office Makeover, I was happily able to remove the old cable jacks and phone line jacks that were making my trim work look SO BAD. I’m glad to be free of some of those old outlets now.

11. I Don’t Have Any Visible Equipment Now

And, last but not least, I’m SO HAPPY to have gotten rid of all of that UGLY equipment that I needed when I had cable. I had the big DVR box on one TV. Little boxes everywhere else.

And, of course, the CORDS that were just everywhere. I’m kind of shocked that I didn’t realize I could get rid of all of this equipment when I cut the cable cord.

But once it was gone, I was happy dancing. I mean who wants all of those boxes taking up space on tables and entertainment centers?

And, DON’T even get me started on the annoyingly ugly Satellite Dishes that come with Satellite TV. I still have 2 of the crazy things on my roof, and they weren’t even mine. Argh!

Read How Do I Get Rid of Cable And Still Watch TV: Easy Guide for more of my favorite tips for cutting the cable cord.

Image of a Roku remote in front of a TV for a post with the 11 Best Reasons to cut the cable cord.
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Should You Cut The Cord With Cable?

I think it’s time for most people to cut the cord with cable. There are so many PROS to getting rid of cable. Watch this video for a quick guide to cutting the cable cord.

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