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Super Easy DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall Idea: Steps & Video

This DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall Art looks FANTASTIC! And, it was so easy. You can get this space-themed look with just wall paint, vinyl planet stickers, & 3D glow in the dark stars.

Easy DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall Mural

Hello again, friends! My boys are 6 and 9-years old now. So, I decided it was time to give their bedroom an older, cooler look to fit their age.

We decided to go with an outer space-themed bedroom since we LOVE learning about space and all-things NASA. And, well, who doesn’t love glow-in-the-dark stars, right? 🙂

At first, I thought about hand-painting the planets on this space-themed wall, but luckily I found a great EXTRA LARGE set of planet vinyl stickers that work perfectly for a full wall mural.

Image of an outer space themed bedroom wall painting. For post about DIY Space Room Decor Feature Wall.

So, I am happy to say, you can easily turn a wall in your kids bedroom into the COOLEST outer space-themed wall in just one weekend. And, you don’t need to have any artistic skills.

I’ve got everything you need to know to recreate this DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall look below. You can see what my boys bedroom used to look like in this Room Reveal.

DIY Outer Space Bedroom Feature Wall Video

Watch this video for a quick step by step guide to recreate this easy Outer Space Themed Bedroom Wall. Scroll for full DIY steps and photos.

Super Easy DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall 😎 With Solar System Stickers and Glow In The Dark Stars

How To Make This Planets & Stars Space Wall Mural

What I Used

This DIY Outer Space Bedroom wall can be finished in just a weekend, for as little as $125.

Image of a kids bedroom wall, at night, decorated with glow in the dark stars.
Here’s a look at how amazing this wall looks after turning out the lights at night.

Tape & Prep The Wall

I started this DIY Outer Space Wall by taping off all 4 sides of the wall with painters tape. Using painters tape makes it easier to get clean crisp lines.

After taping off the wall, I filled all old nail holes with quick-drying DAP spackling. Let that spackling dry, then sand it flush with the wall.

I like to use these sanding blocks for quick and easy sanding on walls. Use 120-grit or higher grit sanding block or sandpaper.

If you need to patch cracks or holes in baseboards or crown molding, check out my tips in Use Caulk or Wood Filler on Trim: Easy Guide & Video

Wipe off and vacuum up any dust. You want a nice clean wall before you paint.

Image of an Easy Outer Space Themed Boys Bedroom Wall using vinyl stickers for planets and glow in the dark stickers for stars. Text says "Easy DIY".
We LOVE how great this Space-Themed Boys Bedroom Wall turned out.

Paint Your Outer Space Bedroom Wall

Next, I sealed the painters tape with a coat of the white paint I used on the walls next to this space-themed bedroom wall. If you don’t have that other paint color, you can apply a clear, water-based polyurethane (like this one) instead.

To seal the tape with paint, just paint a light layer of paint across the edge of the tape along the feature wall. That will block any of the blue paint from leaking under the tape onto your trim, other walls, or ceiling.

Image of an easy space-themed bedroom wall in a boys bedroom, using vinyl stickers.
This whole wall came together in just one weekend, including dry time for 2 coats of paint. I also gave this ceiling a refresh by painting over water stains and using my favorite paint finish on ceilings to brighten the room.

Once the paint that’s used to seal the tape dries completely, you can apply your dark blue paint color.

I used 2 coats of Magnolia Homes by Kilz paint color Signature in an Eggshell Finish. Don’t forget to use a drop cloth to protect your flooring!

Let each coat of paint dry according to the recommendations on the paint can.

Image of vinyl stickers of planets and a sun on a wall.
You can see the blue painter’s tape I used to hold the planets in place while I was deciding where each one should go.

Place the Sun & Planets Vinyl Stickers

Once the paint was fully dry, I used painters tape to temporarily place the planets and sun vinyl stickers on the wall. Using painters tape let me easily adjust the placement before sticking the planet on the wall.

I decided to place the sun off-center on the wall. Then I placed the planets around the sun. With the closest planet near the vinyl sun. Then working out to the furthest planet.

Once I had the planets spaced evenly across the wall, I peeled the backing off the vinyl stickers and stuck them in place.

Follow the directions on the vinyl stickers to get the best results.

Image of someone using glow in the dark star stickers to make constellations and outer space.
I held a paper showing the most popular constellations as a reference for placing the big star stickers.

Adding Constellations With Glow-In-The-Dark Star Stickers

After adding the vinyl planets and sun, I moved on to adding constellations to the DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall.

The stickers I used come in 3 sizes on a sheet. So, I used the large stickers to make the constellations. I Googled “constellation coloring page” to find a guide to use to place my stars properly.

I spaced the constellations out across the wall. Finding the different constellations is a bit of extra fun for the kids at bedtime.

Image of puffy 3D Glow in the dark star stickers.
I went with puffy 3D stars to add extra texture and depth to this DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall.

After that, I started filling the whole wall with the small and medium star stickers. I worked on placing them over the entire wall.

Some areas got more stars or stars in small clusters of 2 or 3 to look more like the real night sky. It took me about 3 hours to stick over 1,600 star stickers on this wall. It was totally worth it!

Image of a toy astronaut and rocket next to a vinyl sticker of Earth on an outer space boys bedroom wall.
I added the cute craft wood astronaut and rocket to add more detail and fun to this wall. You can find similar ones here.
Boys bedroom with an outer space themed feature wall.
Look at how cool this wall turned out!! I share the whole space-themed boys bedroom soon. You can find that NASA poster on Amazon here.

Large Planets Make this DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall Better

I want to point out again that the Sun & Planets vinyl stickers I used are about twice as big as the normal vinyl planets you find in stores and online.

I found a few shops on Etsy that sell these larger versions of the planets. So, I decided to buy from the one with the bright colors and design I liked best.

Using these larger stickers is KEY to making this DIY Outer Space-themed wall look this good. Smaller planets would have looked too little for a full outer space mural.

Image of an easy glow-in-the-dark stars outer space wall.
Don’t forget to Save or Share this Easy DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall.
Image of a wall painted dark blue with sun and planets vinyl stickers with glow in the dark stars. Text says "DIY Outer Space Wall".
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Feeling inspired? Now that you know how to recreate this DIY Outer Space Bedroom wall, you’re ready to make your own.

Let me know if you have questions. Don’t forget to sign up for the Abbotts At Home email newsletter to get DIY, Remodeling, and Crafty ideas in your inbox.