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$20 DIY Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

Here are some of my favorite $20 DIY Gift Ideas for Family and Friends, that they’ll actually love!

If your budget is tight or you just want to be able to give more gifts to more people, these $20 DIY Gift Ideas for family and friends might just be the answer to giving more this year. It’s pretty cool to see the clever ideas other DIY bloggers come up with. I’m so excited they let me share these DIY ideas with you!

I love this list of $20 DIY Gift Ideas. AND so will your family and friends that get these as gifts. #AbbottsAtHome #GiftIdeas #DIYIdeas #Gifts #DIY #Crafts

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Pretty DIY Wall Art for Family and Friends

Yay! I love Pottery Barn as much as the next guy, but it can be pricey. So, I figured out how to build this Pottery Barn Knock Off DIY Barn Quilt for just $20. They sell it for $399!

How to build this Wooden DIY Barn Star Art (Wood Barn Quilt) for less than $20 in lumber. Pottery Barn sells it for $400. Winning! DIY Wood Sign - Barn Quilt - Pottery Barn Knock Off #ChristmasProjects #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasSign #PotteryBarn #BarnQuilt #AbbottsAtHome

If you have one of those fabulous Cricut machines, Pinspired to DIY has some really pretty Fall Wall Sign Ideas for you. And, if it’s not Fall when you see this, she has other Cricut projects that would make great gifts too.

I love this list of $20 DIY Gift Ideas. AND so will your family and friends that get these as gifts. - DIY Cricut Fall Signs - #AbbottsAtHome #GiftIdeas #DIYIdeas #Gifts

Here’s a super easy DIY Wall Art project I shared last year. It’s a DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Art project. And, all you need is a frame and a pretty cloth napkin to make your own.

DIY Pottery Barn Knock Off Textile Art for between $10 and $20 each. This DIY saved me over $300, guys! And you get to pick the fabric color and style that matches your room. This is a super easy DIY Wall Decor Idea.

Here’s another one of my DIY Home Decor Ideas, grab a pretty wood slice and 2 fun wall hooks to make your own DIY wood slice wall hook.

Here's a super easy wall decor idea using those beautiful wood slices. Here's how to make an Easy DIY Wood Slice Wall Hook, like mine! This craft makes a great gift too.#AbbottsAtHome #WallDecor #CraftIdeas #WoodSlice #DecorIdeas #CoatHooks #WallHooks

Those DIY Paint Pouring projects I’ve loved doing lately are actually really cheap too. Buy an unfinished canvas and some cheap acrylic paints to do your own paint pours for family and friends. Watch the pour video on that post to see how easy this project is.

Pouring Acrylic Paint on Canvas - Pastel Pink, Blue, Yellow - Acrylic Pour Painting with Blow Dryer

If you can use a Miter Saw, I have 2 easy $20 DIY Gift Ideas. This DIY Chevron Wood Sign that I made with beautiful and super cheap cedar. Or even this DIY Scrap Wood Wall Art can be a cheap build with really beautiful results. I have DIY videos on both of those projects. 🙂

Here's a cool tutorial for DIY Chevron Wood Wall Art that I love! She used Cedar with accents of blue and white paint to add a chippy, distressed look. #AbbottsAtHome #WoodArt #WoodworkingIdea #DIYIdeas #Cedar #WallArt

Crafty and Cheap DIY Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

Give your indoor plants a fun vintage twist with this Vintage DIY Indoor Fairy Garden Idea. Works, with herbs and other small houseplants too.

How adorable is this Fun Vintage DIY Indoor Fairy Garden Idea! In under an hour, you can add cute fairy garden details to your favorite indoor plants. #AbbottsAtHome #FairyGarden #IndoorPlants #VintageDecor #HomeDecorIdeas

Girl, Just DIY made one of those always fun and popular oversized DIY Jenga Games. And, they’re so cheap to make too. Check out her DIY to see the details.

$20 DIY Gift Ideas - DIY Jenga Yard Blocks - #AbbottsAtHome #GiftIdeas #DIYIdeas #Gifts

Two Feet First has a fantastic and easy way to make decorative pillow covers. Here’s one of those $20 DIY Gift Ideas you can really personalize to your family member or friend. Theme a pillow cover on their favorite quote, season, drink, song, show…on anything they love.

I love this list of $20 DIY Gift Ideas. AND so will your family and friends that get these as gifts. - DIY Pillow Case Covers - #AbbottsAtHome #GiftIdeas #DIYIdeas #Gifts

Looking for a good excuse to use resin? I loved doing this DIY Tray Makeover with resin

DIY Epoxy Resin Art Idea - Ebru Marbling with Resin and Acrylic Craft Paint

Make a beautiful DIY throw blanket with chunky tassels and ribbon. I love this idea from Savvy Apron! You can use fabric or even a store-bought duvet cover or blanket for this pretty DIY gift.

$20 DIY Gift Ideas - DIY Chunky Tassel Blanket - #AbbottsAtHome #GiftIdeas #DIYIdeas #Gifts

Grab some of your old decor or someone else’s old decor from the thrift store and give it a fresh look with this DIY Rust Paint Decor Makeover. It’s a really easy way to give ugly decor a pretty new look.

3 items updated with rust paint. You have to try this DIY Rust Paint Technique. I love how easy this is, just paint and spray! #PatinaPaint #Rust #DixieBellePaint #AbbottsAtHome

$20 DIY Furniture Makeovers and Wooden Gifts

Look at these adorable bunny bookends from Just Measuring Up! With a Jigsaw and your printer, you can make these in so many different shapes. Get the easy build steps for wood bookends here.

$20 DIY Gift Ideas - DIY Wood Book Ends - #AbbottsAtHome #GiftIdeas #DIYIdeas #Gifts

My woodworking friends can build 2 of my latest woodworking projects for $20 or less. First, the DIY Side Table Woodworking Plans I shared recently. Printable Plans and Video are on this tutorial.

How to build a colorful table top using 2x4 pine studs and acrylic paints. Great woodworking tutorial using cheap pine framing studs! #woodworkingprojects #woodprojects #woodart #diyfurniture #AbbottsAtHome

And, the second woodworking project can be used as a stool or side table, by just adjusting the leg height. I love this DIY $20 Stool or Table for small apartments or dorm rooms because that side table can work as extra seating when friends stop by. 🙂

Works as a table or extra seating! This quick 1 hour, $20 build makes great DIY Easy Stool Seating or a DIY Round Side Table. With tips on adjusting the height to work for kids and adults. #AbbottsAtHome #DIYFurniture #KregJig #Stool #SideTable

If your family member or friend has old furniture that needs a makeover. Spending the time to give their piece a fresh look can be a fantastic and cheap DIY Gift Ideas. Go for a vintage style look with this DIY Shabby Paint Steps tutorial. You can grab my steps for stripping paint from furniture here.

DIY Rustic Multicolor Distressed Paint Steps anyone can do to get a beautiful vintage chippy look. Furniture Before and After Project with DIY Steps and how-to video. #AbbottsAtHome #FurnitureMakeover #LayeredPaint #ChalkPaint #BeforeAndAfter #FurnitureRedo

Or, you can give something a new look with this DIY Weathered Paint Effect. I have the steps and video for this one too. 🙂

Give your decor or furniture this pretty DIY Weathered Paint Effect with these easy steps and how-to video. This is a fun chalk paint project, guys! #AbbottsAtHome #PaintMakeover #ChalkPaint #FauxFinish #DIYHomeDecor

Awesome $20 Gifts on Amazon

If you’re still not sure about making your own awesome and cheap DIY Gifts for Family and Friends, you can really find some cool gifts on Amazon for $20 or less. I’d love any of these and they have high customer ratings on Amazon.

  • Get your favorite reader a Kindle Unlimited membership. Includes unlimited books, audio books and magazines. And, you don’t really need a Kindle. There’s an app for any device. Yay!
  • No time to read, but still love a good book? You can give your family or friend an Audible Gift Membership from Amazon. I love listening to books & podcasts while working around the house.
  • So many cool, highly rated, and pretty mugs on Amazon I’d love to get as a gift. I’m kinda a cute mug collector, guys. I’d love any of these!
  • This great French Press is a coffee-lovers game changer. I used to always drink K-Cup coffee for the convenience, but I was not a fan of the taste. French Press coffee is always so good and easy to make. It would make a great gift for anyone that loves a good coffee.
  • LOOK at these amazing throw pillows on Amazon. I love those cozy, trendy woven pillows with lots of texture, tassels, and balls. They fit the Boho style and so many more styles of rooms.
  • This beautiful, extra large White, Gray, and Black Turkish Bath Towel is so popular.
  • I always go for these beautiful herringbone weave Farmhouse Throw Blankets. It just comes in so many perfect colors. I want all of them.
  • This $20 large knitted blanket is so stylish and cozy too. Leave it out on the couch to add more warmth and pretty texture to any Living Room.
  • Amazon Basics has 4 stemless wine glasses for under $10!!! What? That’s right, $10. 🙂
  • Speaking of Amazon Basics, they have soft, gorgeous sheets in so many styles and patterns for around $20 bucks. Young adults and teens almost always need new sheets. At least, I did.
  • Last but not least, you can find some really stylish and functional insulated lunch bags on Amazon too. Some big, some small. Some with lots of compartments. Some that look like trendy purses. Some with cool patterns. Some that would make great diaper bags too. Great for school, work, the gym, the beach, etc….

That’s all of the great $20 DIY Gift Ideas for family and friends I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Looking for more woodworking projects? How about this Easy DIY Over Washer and Dryer Laundry Table.

Free Plans for this DIY Laundry Table Over Washer and Dryer. This simple build hides those ugly machines, adds extra style and organization. And works as a Laundry Folding table too! #LaundryTable #LaundryFoldingTable #DIYFurniture #LaundryRoomIdeas #AbbottsAtHome

And, check out this DIY Farmhouse Console Table Tutorial.

I love this DIY Farmhouse Console Table Plans with Drawers! This tutorial is easy to follow, with loads of pictures. This table would work great as an entry table or in a Dining Room too. #ConsoleTable #EntryTable #DIYFurniture #AbbottsAtHome

Thanks for checking out these DIY Gift Ideas. Please let me know if you have questions. Don’t forget to sign up for the Abbotts At Home email newsletter to get DIY, Remodeling, and Crafty ideas in your inbox.

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Great gift ideas to make. I really appreciate a handmade gift. Happy Fall, Kippi



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Monday 7th of October 2019

These are some great pieces/ideas!


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