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Easy DIY Space Themed Bedroom Makeover For Kids – It’s SO COOL!

DIY a fun Space Themed Bedroom with an easy Glow In The Dark Space Mural, cool space décor & great outer space bedding for big kids!

DIY Space Themed Bedroom For Kids

I am SO EXCITED about how this outer space bedroom turned out! This boys bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house. And, it was actually pretty easy to do.

The only DIY project in this room is painting the walls and the Outer Space Wall mural, everything else is décor. So, anyone that can paint can DIY this look!

Image of a kids or teen space themed bedroom with cool space decor, Star Wars blueprints, NASA wall art, and solar system quilt from Pottery Barn.
This Teen or Boys Space Themed Bedroom works for any age. Just change out accent furniture to get the right look for teens.

There are other DIY additions in this room, like that Board and Batten wall or the DIY Upholstered Twin Headboard. Those are projects I completed years ago. BUT, I have details about those projects too.

Here’s a quick look at the bedroom before I started this room makeover.

It's time for the boys bedroom makeover reveal, guys! And I'm so excited to share it with you. The whole room is full of awesome DIY projects, affordable decor, and fun boys bedroom ideas. I'm loving it and so are my boy's! This is a blue, white, and grey bedroom full of pops of fun colors. I think it's a bit Farmhouse, a bit traditional, and a bit Land of Nod. I designed this for my boys, but most of the ideas would work for all kids, boys and girls. #kidsbedroom #kidsroom #boysbedroom #bedroomideas
Here’s a look at this bedroom before I put together this Space Themed Bedroom for my boys. It was a good room for little boys. BUT, I needed to amp up the cool now that they’re older.

Now, let’s get to the details behind this fun kids room makeover.

Easy DIY Space Wall Mural

I really LOVE this Outer Space wall mural. And, it was really SO EASY to do! I painted the wall my favorite dark blue for furniture (you can see it on this DIY Childrens Desk Build Plan).

Outer Space Wall Mural in a kids space themed room.
I found those soft medium blue velvet curtains on Amazon. You can see how I made that chunky, DIY curtain rod and bracket in a previous post. You can find that rainbow NASA poster here.

The paint color is Signature from the Magnolia Homes By Kilz line. I used an Eggshell Sheen. Once that dried, I stuck the Extra Large Vinyl Planets & Sun I bought on ETSY to the wall.

Then I covered the wall with Glow In The Dark Stars that came in 6 different sizes and shapes. Some of the larger stars were used to copy real constellations onto the wall.

I used 2 sets of these puffy, glowing stars on this wall. It took me about 2 hours to stick them all on. So, pop on your favorite music or a podcast to make the time pass faster. 🙂

Outer Space Wall Mural in a kids space themed room.
Using white on the ceiling and other walls lets the bold colors in the room really stand out! I used Behr’s Polished Pearl as the white paint in this room. I used Eggshell sheen for walls trim and ceiling. Here’s a post about why I use Eggshell Sheen on Ceilings.

You can see my full DIY steps and tips for how I laid out and applied that Easy Space Wall Mural in this Super Easy DIY Outer Space Bedroom Wall tutorial.

Check out how cool these glowing stars look once we turn out the lights at night. It really is a cool space wall, guys! Sometimes, I lay in one of the beds staring at the glowing stars. It’s relaxing and fun!

Image of a kids bedroom wall, at night, decorated with glow in the dark stars.
Here’s a look at how amazing this space wall mural looks after turning out the lights at night.

Now, let’s talk about that cool space bedding!

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Outer Space Themed Bedding

I hunted high and low to find the perfect Outer Space Themed bedding for this room. I found these quilts on Crate & Barrels – Crate & Kids website. They were a bit more than I wanted to spend.

BUT, I LOVE that embroidered detail on this solar system quilt. After seeing this quilt, none of the others I found could compare. I guess I’m a huge fan of embroidered details. 🙂

Pottery Barn Outer Space Solar System quilts on 2 twin beds with Star Wars blueprint art above the beds.

It’s turned out to be a nice, thick, comfy quilt for the boy’s beds. It is currently on clearance on the Crate and Kids website. So, that makes me think it’s possible it’s being discontinued. But, I’m not sure.

Just in case, here are 3 more great Space Themed Bedding options on Amazon for $100 or less:

I built and those twin upholstered headboards a few years ago. I updated the fabric and paint on those headboards to match this space theme décor a bit better.

Instead of building a headboard, you can find cool bedframes in this post of the 30 Best Amazon Bed Frames.

DIY Board And Batten Wall and Crown Molding Details

Now, let’s talk about those optional BONUS DIY projects in this room. About five years ago, I installed that DIY lattice board and batten on the back wall of this room.

Lattice boards are thin, so you can install them with your existing baseboard and crown molding without it looking weird.

Image of a kids space themed bedroom with solar system bedding, cool star wars wall art and lattice board and batten feature wall.

I was inspired by a stained-wood lattice board wall at Disney’s Wilderness lodge. I spent a week there obsessing over that trim work. So, I had to find a way to recreate it at home.

Before I installed the lattice boards, I installed the chunky, Two Piece Crown Molding on all 4 walls. I’m a huge fan of trim and molding.

Image shows a kids bedroom with double crown molding installed.

You can see a big list of all of my DIY Trim And Molding projects in a previous post.

More Kids Outer Space Room Pictures

Here’s a few more pictures from our boys space themed room. I hope you found a few DIY or design tips from this room makeover. You can find links to some of the décor in this room after the pictures.

Kids artwork displayed on a white wall in a boys bedroom with a space theme and blue solar system bedding!

Painting the walls white created a PERFECT background for a kids art wall. Now, we can add and remove all of their favorite art projects. That white makes their art POP off the wall.

It’s a fun and easy kids art gallery wall. I use painter’s tape to hang all of the paper are. The canvas art is hung with 3M command strips. So, it’s easy to remove everything without damaging the wall.

Solar System bedding from Pottery Barn on two twins bed in a boys shared bedroom with a white wall and Star Wars patent blueprint wall art.
You can see how I made that $20 Easy DIY Round Side Table in a previous post.

I found that cool Star Wars blueprint art on ETSY. My boys are really into Star Wars lately. So, this wall art is perfect for this space themed room. I used IKEA Ribba frames to hang that wall art.

I also bought the 2 large outer space wall art canvases on ETSY. You can find the space shuttle blasting off here. And, that fun Solar System Infographic canvas here.

White walls kids bedroom for boys with blue velvet curtains, dark blue space themed bedroom quilts and NASA and cool outer space decor and wall art.

Where to Find Items from my Space Themed Room

Outer Space Themed Kids Bedroom Video

Watch this video to see more of this Cool Kids Space Bedroom.

Super Cool Space Themed Room Makeover For Kids With Fun Décor Ideas & Easy DIY's
Image of a kids or teen space themed bedroom with cool space decor, Star Wars blueprints, NASA wall art, and solar system quilt from Pottery Barn.

What do you think? I am LOVING this Boys Space Room Makeover. It’s almost too pretty to actually work in. 🙂

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Feeling inspired? That’s it for this DIY Space Themed Room Makeover on a budget! Let me know if you have questions.

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