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36 Great DIY Ceiling Makeover Ideas: Designs From Easy To Just WOW!

Turn a BORING ceiling into a BEAUTIFUL feature with these DIY Ceiling Makeover Ideas! Some ceiling design ideas easy enough for beginners!

Best DIY Ceiling Makeover Ideas For Your Home

There are SO MANY great ways to decorate that 5th wall in any room. And, just in case you’re wondering, the 5th wall is the ceiling. The ceiling is a big, often neglected wall in every room in a home.

But, your ceiling can play a big part in room design. In fact, a beautiful feature ceiling can improve the look and value of a home. I’m a huge fan of ceiling updates!

I’ve been slowly updating the ceiling in my house. You’ll see some of those DIY ceiling ideas on this list. And, tons more from other bloggers and some Amazon and Etsy shops.

Text on image says "36 Beautiful DIY Ceiling Makeover Ideas" for a post about ceiling design ideas.

What’s On This List?

Since this list has 36 different home ceiling ideas, I divided this list into these 7 groups to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Ways To Cover An Existing Ceiling Completely (Including Popcorn Ceilings)
  2. DIY Crown Molding and Ceiling Molding Ideas
  3. DIY Wood and Faux Wood Beams
  4. Faux Tin and Tin Ceiling Ideas
  5. Drop Ceiling Makeover Ideas
  6. Easy Ceiling Makeover Ideas Using Paint
  7. 2 Simple Ways To Make An Old Ceiling Look Better

OK. Let’s get to that list!

DIY Ceiling Makeover Ideas

Check out some of my favorite DIY Ceiling updates.

DIY Ways To Cover An Existing Ceiling

Here's some of my favorite DIY ways to fully cover a popcorn ceiling or any other type of existing ceiling.

DIY Crown Molding & Ceiling Molding Ideas

There are so many great ways to update a ceiling with layered crown or other trim. Check out these beautiful ceiling design ideas.

DIY Wood Beams For A Ceiling

Here's a few great examples of DIY ceiling beam makeover ideas.

DIY Faux Tin and Tin Ceiling Tiles

Get that classic tin ceiling look with these beautiful Ceiling Makeover Ideas.

DIY Drop Ceiling Makeover Ideas

Give your tired drop ceiling a stylish new look with these DIY ideas.

Easy Ceiling Makeover Ideas Using Paint

Here's those easy ceiling updates I promised earlier. If you can paint, you can do any of these low budget ceiling ideas.

Easy Ways To Make An Old Ceiling Look Better

And, last but not least, here's 2 super easy ways to make an old ceiling look better.

That’s it for this list of the best DIY Ceiling Makeover Ideas! You might also like 15 Best Ways To Make An Old Ceiling Look Better. Here’s a few more of my favorite “Best OF Lists”.

2 examples of beautiful trim wood molding DIY ceiling design ideas in a home. Text on image says 36 beautiful ceiling makeover ideas: from easy to WOW!

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Feeling inspired? Now you’ve seen these DIY Ceiling Makeover Ideas, you can do your own. Have fun and let me know if you have questions.