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DIY Reversible Thanksgiving & Christmas Signs

These DIY Reversible Holiday Signs dress up your front porch and make storage easy.

Every year I see so many great Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations that I really want to buy or make…until my practical side kicks in. My practical side always wants to know where on Earth I plan to store these things.

We don’t have basements in Texas and every inch of my garage space is dedicated to DIY and lawn care. I won’t spare much space for something that will sit in storage 11 months of the year. But I still want to make a statement at the holidays. I have been pinning Holiday signs for years on Pinterest, but have never had time to actually make anything, until now.

I’m a total scrap wood hoarder. I have been known to pull old fence posts and slats off of a burning wood pile on more than 1 occasion. In fact, the hubby just put an old post and some freshly trimmed Live Oak branches on the burn pile today and I’m going to grab them, if I get a chance before he burns them. All of that beautiful wood is calling to me.

DIY reversible Thanksgiving and Christmas signs

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Scrap plywood cut in half and ready for paint.

So, the wood hoarder in me danced (mentally, of course…I’m not that crazy) around the garage when one of our kitchen remodeler’s left behind an 8 ft long section of Beaded Plywood Siding. It was only 20″ wide, but I knew I’d find some use for it, so I added it to my collection of scraps.

When November rolled around, we went to a Christmas fair at the local elementary school. So many crafty people were selling reversible holiday signs. They were really cute, but I had visions of past Pinterest pins dancing in my head. I spotted that Beaded plywood scrap the minute I walked in the garage and knew it was the wood for the job. And 2 flat pieces of wood would be easy to store. Yea! Now, let’s get crafting!


Disclaimer: Make sure to always read the directions for any products or tools you use while building. Always check for square and double-check those measurements too. Read the full disclaimer.

DIY reversible Thanksgiving and Christmas signs

Sketching the letters and deer onto the Christmas side of the reversible holiday signs

Time to DIY, I cut that 8′ scrap into 2 4′ long pieces and painted both sides with my go to white, Behr’s Polished Pearl. For the design, I only had 20″ across or 4′ down for words. Our house is probably about 90′ from the street, so I needed to go big on the letters if I wanted it to be readable from the street. That limited me to short phrases and large images.

I used MS Word to print off large letters that I cut out and traced onto the wood. That was simple enough. The artwork took a bit of playing around and looking at images online. I just used a pencil to sketch images and change things around until I got something I liked. I used this fantastic Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set to paint the images and letters.

But I’ve made lots of signs with Elmer’s Paint Markers Variety Pack too, they make everything easy if you are “paint brush challenged”. After everything was painted I covered with a coat of a spray poly. Just to give it a bit of protection in case any rain gets to them.

DIY reversible Thanksgiving and Christmas signs

Look at these cute turkeys on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Porch or Yard Signs

I messed around on the Thanksgiving side of the signs until it was nearly too late. I think I finally ‘finished’ a few days before Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving signs aren’t quite done, but I needed to get them out or miss the holiday completely. Next year, I’ll add a few words to the turkey sign and make the pumpkin on the other sign larger, to fill in a bit more of that white space. It looks a bit off balance.

The Turkey is pretty simple to DIY if you look at it in sections. Use a pencil to lightly sketch everything so you can change it if the scale seems off. The turkey body is just a large circle with a small circle on top. Use Large Bowls or buckets to trace those circles.  Start the feathers halfway down the body. Then use more circles and a triangle for the eyes and beak.

Christmas Porch or Yard Signs

The Christmas signs went smoother. I even managed to get them out the door by the 15th. Crafty things usually take me a bit longer than they should. I always go back and forth on design and worry about whether or not I can pull it off. But, in the end, it’s about enjoying yourself and making something you like, right?

The tree is just a series of swirls and dots in different colors. I lightly traced a large triangle onto the board for the tree. Then traced in swirls in various sizes. I painted the swirls first, then added dots to fill in the spaces between. This was a fun and easy DIY anyone can do. 🙂

DIY Reversible Thanksgiving and Christmas Signs

Cheerful DIY Christmas Signs ready to go!

Easy DIY for a big Christmas Porch Sign.This Christmas Tree is easy enough for anyone to make. #christmas #christmassign #christmastree

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DIY Reversible Holiday Signs

DIY Reversible Holiday Signs

Try this Easy Rustic Christmas Ornament too.

Kids craft - homemade ornaments from Christmas cards

These ornaments are so simple and my toddler loved helping.

Or how about another great DIY home decor project? Try this easy to make Succulent Tray with a sweet Vintage Camper.

This LED Lighted Indoor DIY Succulent Garden Tray is a quick and easy DIY. Fill with your favorite succulents and vintage truck or camper to give it some charm.

Feeling inspired? Want to create your own reversible Holiday sign? Follow the links above to get the things you’ll need from Amazon. Have fun and let me know if you have questions. Or post pictures of your work and tag Abbotts At Home on FB, I’d love to see it!


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