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Just a little Spooky Halloween Printables!

Ready to add some Spooky Halloween Printables to your home or desk?

Who else is excited about Halloween? I know I am. And I’ve got 2 free Spooky Halloween Printables to help get you excited. Put these up at work, home, or in your classroom to decorate for Halloween. Who knows, it might score you extra candy. 😉

Halloween is pretty awesome when you’re a kid. My little guys basically ask me when it’s going to be Halloween again, all year long! I get it. I was the same way as a kid. Then you reach an age where people don’t really want to see you Trick or Treating at their doors. Which is kind of a bummer. You can still have fun passing out candy. But one of the real reasons to have kids, is to get back into the Trick or Treating game. What, that’s not why you had kids???

Just kidding about that being a reason to have kids, but it’s certainly one of the perks of having kids. Getting to see them get excited and all cute in their costumes is awesome. And, hey, it’s about the only day of the year that I can get the Mr out for a family walk. So, win win.

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I’d head to your favorite local printer to print this on 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock. Those big printing machines just seem to have better ink and it’s usually only a dollar or two for each print. 🙂

Grab 2 Free Halloween Printables. Just print on 8x10 paper or cardstock for your office, home, or classroom. #Halloween #Printable #free
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Grab 2 Free Halloween Printables. Just print on 8x10 paper or cardstock for your office, home, or classroom. #Halloween #Printable #free
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  1. Ohh that second one with the ghost is a must for me. I’ve been slowly getting into the spirit as well and working on a few projects!

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