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13 Best FREE PDF Furniture Build Plans And 13 Popular Woodworking Projects

Check out my 13 Most Popular PDF Furniture Build Plans & the 13 Most Viewed DIY Woodworking Projects. All 26 are easy enough for beginners!

26 DIY Furniture Build Plans & Woodworking Projects

Today, I’m rounding up the most popular woodworking ideas, build plans and tutorials into 1 BIG post. That includes my most popular printable build plans and most viewed beginner woodworking projects.

There’s something for every type of woodworker on this list, from beautiful furniture, to cool wood décor projects, and fun builds for your kids.

Image shows 5 Free PDF Furniture Build Plans for a post with 25 most popular woodworking projects and ideas on
Don’t forget to save or share these Free printable build plans.

I even have a Free PDF Furniture build plan for cat lovers!

All 26 of these woodworking projects have written steps and photos. Most of them also include a short video to help you build your own.

Now, let’s get to that list of the 26 Best Furniture Build Plans and Woodworking Projects.

26 Free Furniture Build Plans And Woodworking Projects

Ready for a new woodworking project? Here's some 26 free tutorials to get you back in the garage!

13 Best FREE PDF Furniture Build Plans

Here's the most downloaded printable build plans on this site.

13 Popular Woodworking Projects

OK, let's move onto the woodworking décor ideas and a few furniture tutorials that I don't have printable plans for.

That’s it for this big list of free PDF furniture build plans and popular woodworking projects. I hope you found a new project you love! You might also like this list of the 28 Best Small Scrap Wood Projects.

Image shows 1 of the Free PDF Furniture Build Plans for a post with 25 most popular printable build plans and beginner woodworking ideas on

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Feeling inspired? Now that you’ve seen my most popular Free PDF Build Plans and beginner woodworking projects, get building!

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