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5 Most Popular DIY Furniture Builds of 2018

Time to wrap up another year and have a little statistics fun. That’s right, I said statistics fun. What can I say? I’m an ex Software Developer. I love stats and info, guys. Some of these builds are from previous years, but they were still in my 5 Most Popular DIY Furniture Builds of 2018, based on web traffic.

Be sure to visit the next 2 posts too. I’ll be sharing my Most Popular Home DIY & Craft Projects and my Most Popular Before and After Room Makeovers too. I hope these posts help or inspire you to get some great projects done in your home. 🙂

I can see why this one has been so popular, this year. This table has completely improved our Laundry Room. It’s a great place to drop our keys and mail, a great place to fold laundry, and it blocks off that huge gap that was behind our washer and dryer.

Added bonus, this DIY easy over washer and dryer laundry table makes the room so much prettier too. It’s the center of the Laundry Room Makeover I finished this year.

Check out the full tutorial and download the free printable plans here.

Free Plans for this DIY Laundry Table Over Washer and Dryer. This simple build hides those ugly machines, adds extra style and organization. And works as a Laundry Folding table too! #LaundryTable #LaundryFoldingTable #DIYFurniture #LaundryRoomIdeas #AbbottsAtHome

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I really need to draw up printable plans for this bench, and soon. For the last 2 years, this $130 L-shaped backyard bench has been very popular. Especially in the Spring, when everyone’s DIY’s start to focus on outdoor life again. The full build tutorial can be found here.

How I built my L-shaped DIY Outdoor Bench for $130, awarded 2nd place in the IG Builders Challenge, season 3

This DIY Farmhouse upholstered bench has been a great addition to the end of our bed, in the Master Bedroom. But, this build would make a great coffee table too. All it needs is a hard top instead. Bonus, I drew up plans for 5 different hard tops for anyone that prefers a coffee table.

Farmhouse Style DIY Upholstered Bench Plan with Tongue & Groove shelf. Makes a great end of bed bench, dining table bench, living room coffee table or entry bench.

I loved this build, when I thought it would be our entry table. But, last month I finished a huge Modern Farmhouse Living Room Makeover and decided this table would be a fantastic behind the couch DIY Farmhouse Console Table instead. I love the way it looks there.

Tour our cozy Modern Farmhouse, Traditional Living Room with this look at our fun & colorful Living Room Christmas Decorations, this year. Full of pops of Red, Blue, and Green! #AbbottsAtHome #ChristmasIdeas #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasLivingRoom

This isn’t technically a build, but there’s no denying how popular this post is. It’s my tutorial for building a kids tent out of PVC Pipes and a dropcloth. My kids love this little play tent. And, its a super easy build. 🙂

Plans to Build this easy PVC Pipe Tent with drop cloth cover. PVC pipe play house tent build for kids. #PVCTent #PVC #KidsTent

Bonus: Last week, I shared my DIY Christmas Tree Stand Box, that works as ornament storage too. I hope it makes it to my top 5 next year. I love it!

Tour our cozy Modern Farmhouse, Traditional Living Room with this look at our fun & colorful Living Room Christmas Decorations, this year. Full of pops of Red, Blue, and Green! #AbbottsAtHome #ChristmasIdeas #ChristmasDecorations #ChristmasDecor #ChristmasLivingRoom
Build this easy DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand. Looks fantastic under your tree and stores your ornaments when you're ready to pack the tree away. #ChristmasTree #DIYFurniture #AbbottsAtHome #ChristmasTreeBox #ChristmasTreeStand #ChristmasTreeBoxStand
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Sunday 6th of January 2019

I love that farmhouse upholstered bench! So many great builds. Pinned.


Sunday 6th of January 2019

Thanks so much, Joanne!


Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Thanks so much for sharing at TFT! I have featured you at this week's party. Looking forward to all you share in 2019!


Friday 4th of January 2019

Thanks so much, Amberly!


Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Love the bench with the extra storage shelf. I want to make one this year. Happy New Year, Kippi


Thursday 3rd of January 2019

Thanks so much, Kippi. I hope you get a chance to build one. Happy New Year to you!

Audra @ Renewed Projects

Thursday 27th of December 2018

I remember when you posted the outdoor bench. I found it amazing and still do! Beautiful roundup.


Friday 28th of December 2018

Thanks so much, Audra. Always nice to hear someone actually remembers something I did. :)

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